Natural Ingredients to Consider Incorporating Into Your Candle and Soap Line

Natural Ingredients to Consider Incorporating Into Your Candle and Soap Line

If you have a business that deals with soap and candles, then you should know that there are various ways to make your products more attractive to loyal clients. This is by ensuring that your products are consistent and they work as promised. You should also take the extra step of using natural ingredients, which is something that will attract people trying to live more sustainably. Read on to see some of the natural ingredients that you should think about incorporating into your candle and soap line to get some ideas of where to start.


The first natural ingredient you may want to add to your soap and candle line is flowers. This should be easy enough for you to do since there are around 32,370 floral businesses in the United States. This means that you can add an extra ingredient that will improve the appearance and possibly even the scent of your candles and soaps quite easily. Take time to find a good florist, ideally one who can sell you flowers that don’t contain pesticides, fertilizers, and other things that might impact your end-product.


Another natural ingredient that you should consider using is beeswax. This is typically going to introduce hardness and may also have a soft scent. For this reason, you should make sure that you know the right quantity to use so that your final products, especially soaps, are natural and also work as they should. In the case of candles, you can use beeswax as the main base and create candles that are more environmentally friendly than their counterparts. Note that 42% of women who were 18 years and older said that they had a preference for natural beauty products over their more synthetic versions. You can appeal to this demographic a lot more easily as a result of using beeswax.

Coconut Oil

Another natural ingredient you should think about using is coconut oil, which is popular for natural soap recipes. When you use it in your soaps, you can get a bar that’s hard yet has a high cleansing power and lots of fluffy lather. Both candles and soap can benefit from solid refined coconut oil that has a melting point of at least 76F. Keep in mind that the smell of pure coconut oil may not come out in the final product, so you can save money by using refined coconut oil as it’s cheaper. Advertising your soaps as containing coconut oil can make them more appealing to people who are learning about the benefits of coconut oil. Note that about 86% of marketers use Facebook to advertise, and you can do the same thing to reach more people.

Mango Butter

Mango butter is another amazing natural ingredient to include in your soaps. It has amazing non-greasy conditioning properties and also melts quickly. This means that it can improve your soaps in a number of ways, and the fact that it’s natural makes it more attractive. While it’s a bit costlier than some other alternatives that you could use, you don’t have to use a lot of it in order to get the right results. Combining mango butter and some of the other natural ingredients in this list is a sure way for you to make a product that will be an instant hit on the market.

Look into these natural ingredients to see if you can find a reliable and legitimate supplier. If you can, you know that you’ll be able to make more attractive products that work just as well, or even better, than their synthetic counterparts. Do research to make sure that you know about any interactions that the ingredients you choose to use have with each other so that you can avoid any issues.

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