Neck Lift: The Easiest Way to Revive Your Youthful Neck Skin

Imagine hitting your 40th birthday, and instead of looking forward to the best years of life ahead of you, all you see are wrinkles dominating your face and neck. The delicate skin on your neck betrays your advancing years while other parts of your body seem just fine. You do not have to obsess over aging symptoms such as wrinkles on your neck when a Scottsdale neck lift specialist is a phone call away.

Neck lift works by removing a chunk of fat and excess skin around your jawline, creating a defined and youthful appearance. While this type of plastic surgery may not eliminate aging symptoms, you can still enjoy the long-lasting results it readily offers. Below are some benefits you can expect when going for a neck lift at Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery.

1.  It helps you turn back the hands of time

If you spend more time in the sun without applying sunscreen on your neck, chances are your neck will develop wrinkles as early as the mid-30s. Other risk factors of wrinkled necks include smoking, weight problems, and poor diet. All these are unhealthy lifestyle habits that can aggravate neck wrinkles.

Fortunately, you can delay your aging process by having a neck lift. After your procedure, you will notice your neck is free from wrinkles, improving your youthful appearance. You will see the difference within days or weeks. Remember, the results are permanent.

2.  You are far less likely to undergo another surgery later on in life

When it comes to a neck lift, the earlier you go for it, the more unlikely you will need revision surgery during your 50s. Even if you consider going for another procedure, all you might need to undergo is a mini facelift or mid-facelift instead of a complete facelift.

3.  It has little downtime

Because a neck lift is purely invasive, one of your biggest concerns is your recovery period. Unlike other plastic surgeries, a neck lift has little downtime. You should be able to go back to work or your daily routine within a week. As long as you take precautions as advised by your surgeon, you can expect desirable results.

4.  It is the best solution if you have tried changing your diet or exercising

While exercise and a good diet can help maintain your skin tone and fight aging symptoms, these lifestyle adjustments may do very little for your neck’s skin. A neck lift accomplishes what exercise and diet cannot. If you have tried both or either option and they have failed, it is time to call your plastic surgeon for a permanent solution such as a neck lift.

Restore your youthful-looking skin through a neck lift

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Now that you know the benefits of this procedure, choosing a board-certified cosmetic surgeon is equally important. It starts with knowing who is going to perform the procedure and if they are qualified for it. You are doing your due diligence to get excellent results that will not affect your health as you keep aging. To find out how neck lift works, schedule a consultation with your surgeon today.

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