Post-Workout Supplements are All About Repair and Recovery

It’s not enough that you guzzle water after spending some time at the gym to cool down and rehydrate. The intake of Post-Workout Supplements should be an integral part of your after exercise sessions, especially if you consider your health and fitness sincerely.

Refrain from assuming that these products are only ideal for those who would like to bulk up. The fact is they are perfect for anyone who would like to enjoy results, be it slimming down or looking lean. There are supplements available for different people with different fitness goals. You should determine yours if you want to know which product you should take.

The Number One Goal is to Promote Repair

Most of these supplements contain amino acids you can check Aminolean’s pre workout benefits for full overview. Put simply, these are different molecules that make up protein. Various Post-Workout Supplements in the market may have different amino acids in them. However, many of them share a common ingredient: L-glutamine.

It may sound like it’s a dangerous chemical, but l-glutamine is completely natural. Your body can secrete it on its own, which is a testament that it’s not bad for you. L-glutamine is likely the most abundant amino acid present in your body. If you are into working out, you will have to provide your body with more of it via the diet.

The role of L-glutamine is simple: it helps repair muscles damaged by pumping iron or engaging in any other intense physical activity. Failure to provide your body with enough of this amino acid can keep your muscles from repairing themselves.

Some are More Focused on Growing Muscles

Aside from amino acids, some supplements for consumption after working out contain protein; this means that they have other types of amino acids than just L-glutamine.

Casein and whey: these are the most common types of protein that today’s manufacturers of supplements add to their products. Each one of these proteins has its own set of pros and cons. Because of this, a lot of serious fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes take casein and whey protein supplements at different times of the day.

Keep in mind that supplements containing casein and whey appeal mostly to bodybuilders because they need a lot of protein to make their muscles grow bigger. However, other people may benefit from their consumption, too. For instance, protein supplements can shorten the recovery period and keep the muscles from feeling achy.

The Best Time to Take These Supplements

As their name suggests, these are supplements that you should take after going to the gym. That’s because their ingredients are particularly helpful for starting the repair of your muscles as well as making you bounce back from your workout quicker.

Fitness and nutrition experts agree that you should consume the supplement of your choice within an hour after completing your session.

It is after within the first hour of ending your workout when your muscles will need all the amino acids and protein that they can get. Supplying the muscles with what they require without delay is crucial. Otherwise, they may fail to attain both repair and growth. You may also have a hard time going back to the gym due to feeling sore and achy all over.

Before You Shop for One

Not all of these supplements are the same. Make sure that you go for one that will complement your fitness goal. Also, opt for a high-quality product to get your money’s worth.


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