Pros and Cons of MyAir Air Conditioning

In today’s era, when everything we use is “Smart.” For instance, we have Smartphones, Smart TVs, etc. It is no surprise that now we have smart air conditioners.

MyAir Air Conditioning provides users the best features in controlling their temperatures. It provides you with modern technology at an affordable rate. Myair air conditioning allows you to connect your air conditioning systems with your lights, sound systems, fans, etc.

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Read below to find some of the pros and cons that MyAir provides to its users.

Pros of MyAir Air Conditioning:

Let’s take a look at the pros of using MyAir Air Conditioning.

Gives you Complete Control:

MyAir allows you to control the temperature in every single room in your house. It is understandable that different people in a home have other preferences for temperature. Thus, it is of great advantage to users that they can control the temperature for every room through the tablet.

It Saves Energy:

When using air conditioners, the one thing that people worry about is the electricity bills. Hence, people try to use only one air conditioner in the house to save electricity.

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However, MyAir air conditioning comes with sensors, and because of that, the air conditioners automatically turn off when the room temperature reaches a certain point. The best part about this is that the air conditioner senses when there is no one in the room, and it automatically turns off!

It Can be Controlled From Any Tablet, Smartphone Through MyAir App:

When people are out of their houses for a long time, they always want to come back to a cool house. However, they have to get home to turn on the air conditioner and then have to wait for the house to get cool.

Well, MyAir solves this issue. If you download the MyAir app on your Smartphone or tablet, you can easily turn the air conditioner on and control it even when you are not home. Hence, you can get to a cool and relaxing home after an exhausting day!

It Works With Top Air Conditioning Brands:

MyAir can control air conditioners of various major brands. These brands include Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Gree Electronics, etc. 

Therefore, you can easily use MyAir regardless of the brand of your air conditioner and take advantage of all the features it provides for you. 

Cons of MyAir Air Conditioning:

While MyAir Air conditioning has various pros, it also comes with some cons. So, let’s look at these cons.

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The Android Tablet Cannot be Upgraded:

The units come with an android tablet using which users can control the air conditioners. While this is a great innovation, users have faced specific issues with the tablet.

The tablet does not get upgraded and hence does not support various new apps. The tablet that users got in 2018 has android 6.0, which was used in 2015. Due to this, the tablet does not support Sonos and other apps, as the company has advertised it.

The App Glitches:

With MyAir Air Conditioning, you get the option of downloading MyAir app on your Smartphone and tablet. While it provides users with various advantages, some people have faced issues with the app.

The app glitches frequently. When users turn on the air conditioner through the app, they get the notification of the air conditioner turning on. However, when they check it, it is off and has no air supply.

This causes significant inconvenience to the users.

The Android Tablet Freezes:

The android tablet that people receive with MyAir air conditioning is a big help. However, according to some customers, the tablet freezes frequently and takes up some time to resume working.

When the tablet freezes, users are unable to change the temperatures and sometimes have to stay stuck at one temperature for a very long time!

 To wrap it up!

Smart air conditioners are a blessing for people. It causes great convenience for users and ensures that they live their lives comfortably without having to worry about the electricity bill, etc. 

While MyAir air conditioning might have a few disadvantages, they come with various advantages. This is why they are among the leading companies in this niche and are recommended by multiple users. 

If you are looking to save up on your electricity bills and make your house look fancy, this will be the best choice! 

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