Sailcation vs Staycation: Which one should you pick for your next holiday?

Which one should you pick for your next holiday

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all become well acquainted with the idea of a Staycation. Holidaying from the comfort of home was a much-needed retreat for many people, stuck inside and isolated as they were from the wide world outdoors. But, now that time has passed, you’re free to choose other options for your next holiday – namely, a Sailcation!

A fun new term to describe taking a chartered cruise to multiple different destinations (or one country of your choosing!) a Sailcation offers travellers a valuable opportunity to take a holiday away from home, for what may be the first time in a long time.

But, picking between a Sailcation and Staycation is easier said than done, especially when most of us have finally gotten used to holidaying at home, and enjoying local attractions. Don’t worry, though, as we’ve outlined the benefits of both holiday choices for you below..

Why choose a Sailcation?

The benefits of a Sailcation are many, including all of the following, and so much more:

  • Enjoy true peace and tranquillity – Whether you decide to take off on a sailboat, or opt for a cruise liner, holidaying amongst the ocean waves offers you complete solitude, peace and tranquillity. This is a rare treat in a bustling world.
  • Become part of an age-old tradition – Humans have been traversing the oceans on boats for thousands of years, and when you go on a staycation, you’ve established yourself as part of this age-old tradition. It’s really quite exciting!
  • Uncover new, beautiful destinations – From Europe and America to the Caribbean, so many new, beautiful destinations can be uncovered aboard a boat or cruise liner. Places you’d never previously thought to go on holiday can become your favourite holiday spots.
  • Experience something different – It’s not often that you get to sleep, party and relax aboard a ship; a Sailcation gives you the chance to experience something completely different from the norm, an unforgettable memory you’re sure to treasure forever.

If you decide to choose a Sailcation instead of the usual Staycation, you can get the best Silversea Cruises with Imagine Cruising. After all, when you’ve chosen to cruise around the world, why not sail in style? We believe that the most entertaining holidays come with little added luxuries – a concierge, for example – that you just can’t get at home, and Silversea Cruises have these luxuries in spades.

Why choose a Staycation?

A Sailcation might be a thrilling adventure, but this doesn’t mean you should decide against a Staycation outright. Staycations are convenient, affordable and offer fresh, enjoyable ways to explore a city or country you already know and love. They offer you the following benefits, that cannot be denied:

  • Reduce travel time – On a Staycation, your holiday starts as soon as you step outside the front door! There’s no lengthy travel time, which can seriously cut into your holidaying.
  • Make planning easier – You don’t have to plan for transport between airports, multiple hotels, or flights and luggage. Planning is easy when you’re holidaying from home.
  • Forget about time differences – Forget about adjusting your watch or phone – a Staycation means you’re not messing around with time differences!
  • Explore your hometown as a tourist – We all become a little complacent when it comes to our hometown, and we don’t enjoy beautiful, local sights as much as we should. Staycations allow you to explore your hometown as a tourist, and love it even more as a result.
  • Save money – Because you’re not travelling so far, or for so long, Staycations are extremely cost-effective.

The choice is yours…

Of course, we can’t make you choose between a Sailcation and Staycation – each holiday option has so many benefits, it’s a little overwhelming. Ultimately, you’ve got to go with your gut, and choose the holiday you’d most enjoy. Whatever type of holiday-goer you are, either option is guaranteed to be a fun-filled adventure.

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