The 5 Ways Direct Thermal Labels Can Help You Sell More

The 5 Ways Direct Thermal Labels Can Help You Sell More

Everyone knows very well that technology has brought many improvements to several tasks and methods of executing them. One notable area where this improvement has occurred is the printing industry. The introduction of thermal printing has changed the dynamics of printing for the better.

Because of thermal printing, there are more accurate, high-quality, and concise texts. You can say that thermal printing has brought about speed and efficiency to the printing industry. It has done so in various ways, but today’s focus is on the perks of direct thermal labels.

What Are Direct Thermal Labels?

Through direct thermal labels, the need for ribbons during printing has been removed. Instead, what happens is that the papers are fed into the printer, where heat is applied directly. As the labels are heated, a chemical reaction occurs, leading to the darkening of the heated sections.

As a result, these labels save you the cost of acquiring ribbons and a lot of time in the printing process. But there’s more direct thermal labels that can do for you and your business. These labels have the potential to boost sales, and they’re five reasons to think so.

5 Benefits of Direct Thermal Labels

Aside from the elimination of noisy regular printers and ink cartridges, there are several ways the use of direct thermals can increase productivity and boost sales:

1. Improved Accuracy

Direct thermal labels are loved because they improve the precision with which they’re printed. Since the process involves directly applying heat on the direct thermal label, it yields flawless results.

Also, the ink used in thermal printers comes with a paper label. That way, you’re not worried about ink from the print head leaving smudges on the paper.

2. Time Efficiency

The best way to improve sales is to increase time efficiency. That means you must complete operations in shorter periods but with increased efficiency. Direct thermal labels help deliver on that front by offering speedy resolutions to large-scale needs.

3. Eco-friendly

Printing ribbons aren’t the most environmentally friendly option for printing because they’re made from crude oil. By adding more eco-friendly options like thermal printers and direct thermal labels, customers are more inclined to make purchases.

4. Reduced Physical Inventory

Introducing thermal labels and printers has made printing possible with minimal equipment. Now, you can reduce the amount of physical inventory since all you need are the thermal printers. In that same vein, the lack of cartridges means you no longer need to stock up.

Low maintenance and reduction in inventory all save you applicable costs, meaning you gain more profit.

5. Removal of Wrinkles

Direct thermal labels are well coveted because they eliminate the biggest issue with using ribbons, which is the presence of wrinkles. The chances of a thermal printer breaking down are slim, meaning you can produce more.

At the same time, thermal printers have no mobbing parts, so you don’t have to worry about papers getting wrinkled. The less wrinkling you experience, the more labels you can sell.


The simple reason why direct thermal labels help sell more is that they offer quicker and simpler ways to print labels. Therefore, contact your nearest company, like CDM Labels, and get started on your direct thermal label journey.

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