The breastfeeding accommodations investigation is open to residents of any state in the U.S.

breastfeeding accommodations

Are you a working mother who needs to pump at work, but you have no place to do so?

You may be entitled to compensation. If your employer has failed to provide you with a clean, secure space to pump breast milk your rights may have been violated and you may have a claim.

The law states that employers must provide a space, other than a bathroom, for nursing mothers to pump breast milk. If you breastfed your child in the last year *and* your employer did not provide you with a clean, secure space to pump, please use the form below to get in touch with lawyers for a quick, confidential, and no-risk consultation. A brief intake phone call will allow a determination to be made as to whether a lawsuit can be brought forward and a compensation recovered on your behalf, if you qualify.

What are some common types of breastfeeding accommodations in the workplace?

• Designated Nursing Room: Employers may provide a private and comfortable space for breastfeeding or expressing breast milk. This room should be shielded from view and free from intrusion by other employees or the public.

• Breast Pump-Friendly Environment: Employers might allow employees to use breast pumps during work hours, providing access to an electrical outlet and a clean and private area to set up the pump.

• Flexible Break Times: Breastfeeding employees may be given flexible break times to allow them to express milk when needed. This can be in addition to regular break times.

• Paid or Unpaid Breaks: Some companies may offer paid breaks for breastfeeding or pumping, while others may provide unpaid breaks, depending on local laws and company policies.

• Storage Facilities: Employers might offer a refrigerator or other appropriate storage facilities for storing expressed breast milk during the workday.

• Work-From-Home Options: In some cases, employers may allow breastfeeding employees to work from home or have a flexible work arrangement, which can make it easier for them to breastfeed or pump.

• Educational Support: Employers may provide educational resources and support to breastfeeding employees, helping them understand their rights and the available accommodations.

• Supportive Workplace Culture: Encouraging a supportive and understanding workplace culture can help breastfeeding employees feel comfortable discussing their needs and accessing accommodations.

It’s essential to note that the specific accommodations available will depend on the legal requirements and the company’s policies in each jurisdiction.

How Do I Qualify for the Breastfeeding Accommodations investigation?

If you breastfed your child after January 1, 2023 and your employer did not provide you with a clean, secure space to pump, please file a claim below to see whether you qualify for compensation stemming from the a lack of breastfeeding accommodations at your place of work. People that live in any state or territory in the United States may be able to qualify for compensation.

Claim Form Website:

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