The Cost Of Invisalign And What Invisalign Can Treat


As time passes and with the increased exposure the traitement Invisalign is getting, more and more people are choosing it over conventional braces. One of the main reasons that explain this trend is that the result is a lot more discreet.

Plus, the cost of clear aligners keeps getting more and more affordable, so it’s only logical that this trend will keep going on (although it’s highly unlikely that aligner trays ever completely replace conventional braces).

Plus, the cost of clear aligners keeps getting more and more affordable, so it’s only logical that this trend will keep going on (although it’s highly unlikely that aligner trays ever completely replace conventional braces).

That being said, it would be a stretch to pretend that Invisalign braces are that cheap. After reading this little cost guide on Invisalign, you’ll get a better understanding of what you should expect on the money side of the procedure. It will help you prepare yourself for the financial impact to come and save accordingly.

How Much Does Invisalign Braces Really Cost?

Let’s get real: if you want to get Invisalign —  also called invisible braces — you need to consider that they usually cost between 3500 $ and 8500 $.

First of all, let’s get precise about what we’re talking about: Invisalign is just the name of the most reputed orthodontic aligners’ brand like kleenex is one of the most recognizable brands of tissues.

That’s the reason why the term Invisalign is commonly used to refer to clear aligners, invisible braces, aligner trays, clear retainers and similar products as a whole.

One of the reasons behind that fact is that Invisalign was the first brand to propose clear aligners to its customers. That being said, know that you can only get Invisalign-branded braces and aligner trays by consulting with a certified orthodontist or dentist.

There are other premium brands offering clear aligners, of course —  like Damon Clear, for example — but there is no clear reason to choose this brand over the OG considering it costs roughly the same and that you also need to go through an orthodontist or a dentist to get a pair.

What About Cheaper Alternatives?

If you can’t see yourself dropping North of 4 000 $ for clear aligners, there might be a solution for you. Indeed, Smile Direct Club (SDC) are clear aligners that work just like Invisalign, but at a fraction of the cost.

This product is just under 2000 $, so if you’re really tight financially, you should seriously consider checking it out. How come these aligners are so cheap if they work just like the others?

Because you can install them from your home using a convenient kit provided by the company that makes these aligners, and it’s a perfectly good option to treat common misalignment issues at a more reasonable cost.

Why Such A Wide Price Range?

Because like in the case of conventional braces, it goes without saying that the cost of the procedure depends on a variety of factors.

Among the most relevant cost drivers, let’s mention the expected duration of the procedure, the severity of the issue that’s being addressed, as well as the reputation and the level of experience of the orthodontist.

If you’re confused about all this, Invisalign provides a cost calculator, which will help you get a better idea of the kind of money you’ll need to shell out for the procedure.

Let’s delve into the details of these costs, which fall into two categories: the cost of the actual appliances, and the salary of the dentist that will treat you.

To give you some perspectives, reputed orthodontists can charge as much as 200 $ for a first consultation.

Plus, they may have to make an X-ray in order to get a better picture of the situation, which would be another variable cost ranging from 25 $ to 250 $. You also need to get ready for eventual complications.

Indeed, wearing aligners require frequent visits to your dentist for the duration of the treatment, but even after that, it’s entirely possible that you have to spend roughly 1 000 $ in aftercare. As you can see, the costs associated with Invisalign treatment are highly variable and can add up quite rapidly.

While they’re more expensive than traditional braces, Invisalign clear aligners offer the benefits of discretion. If you can save for the treatment, you should do it!


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