The Joys of Living in Chicago

Chicago is the best place to relocate and live in for those looking for a good urban look without the cost or stress of a large city. The city is cleaner than New York or Los Angeles cities and is known as the largest in the Midwest. The town constitutes ample public transportation, good jobs, and a lot of diversity. This makes relocating to Chicago an attractive idea and option. The major part of this city is the lakefront that serves as an attraction site for different people.

Apart from the beautiful scenery of this city, there are several skyscrapers and a rich cultural setting. However, like any other thing or city, the city has its setbacks. The climatic extremities are not pleasing, especially if you are staying in the colder terrains. This can turn off to so many people looking to find a permanent home in Chicago. Nonetheless, you should let this challenge deter you from settling in Chicago because the positives of living outweigh the negatives. Here are some of the things you should know about Chicago that will bring you joy;

The beautiful beach scenery

The city of Chicago offers about 26 miles of sand along the Michigan lake and a fantastic summer beach scene at the Sans saltwater. There are various must-see beaches in Chicago, including;

31st street beach- The beach can be accessed freely and offers you a lot of fun, including the well-painted trees to climb, spray ground, spider web rope structures for the kids to have fun. Pier 31 prepares good food and music for the visitors to make your stay enjoyable. 

Montrose beach is meant for furry friends as it is the best destination for a dog-friendly zone. 

These two, among others such as North avenue beach and Oak street beach, are a must-visit destination in Chicago.

Easy to meet new people

The city is made in a way that makes it easy for you to make new friends, especially for young people. The city offers different kinds of foods, including Chicago hot dogs, deep-dish pizza, and Italian beef. You can also find other meals of your choice in the Chicago restaurants scene. These places have more than 8000 eateries with countless menus, and therefore you are assured of getting a great meal for yourself. Bars are also another hotspot to meet new people or catch up with friends. These spots are opened until 3 in the morning. The most trending spots are located in Old town or River North.

The city is also suitable for people looking to get active and engage in sports activities. While most people in Chicago hibernate during the winter season, they tend to get involved when the weather is nice. Below are some of the sports and sports clubs that people in Chicago engage in;

  • Two wheels- This is Chicago’s original bike path crossing the North side residential areas. The place has green space and is made of interactive art. 
  • Kayak the river
  • Whirlyball

Where to find apartments in Chicago

Should you decide to go relocate or make a short stay in Chicago, Zumper is one of the widely used online resources to help find an apartment in Chicago. The site is used by more than a million renters to find their dream houses, condos, rooms, or apartments for rent. With the vastness of Chicago city, it is essential to have effective rental search tools to monitor listings and prepare your next move. 

Among the many Zumper’s benefits are that it can save you time and allow you to see many property listings in a short period. This site will enable you to use various filters to make your searches easy such as location and the price ranges. With Zumper, you can set an alert on your computer or phone that notifies you once a new listing has been posted. 

In a nutshell, whether you are looking to move into Chicago for a short term or get your dream home in this great city, Zumper is the best tool to help you with your apartment search needs. Also, in a situation where you are not the one relocating, it is a resourceful idea to share with others information from Zumper because they will get help instantly.


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