A recent survey by the World Federation of Advertisers shows that most companies spend 61% of their marketing budget on advertising. With the growing competition, investing in adverts is not an option. Companies have to create brand awareness to increase their customer base.

The traditional advertising is indispensable. Businesses have been using banners over time to market their products. With the different types of banners available, you have a variety of choices to match your business needs. To know more you can go here.

Each banner type has its unique advantages. Read on to learn about the different types of banners and where to use them here.

1. Retractable Banners

Retractable or pull-up banners are portable and highly versatile. These double-sided banners are catchy. If you have an indoor activity such as a hall exhibition or office presentation, this type of banner is ideal.

The pull-up banners are mostly 6 feet tall. The width depends on your advertisement needs. With the retractable banners, setting up and down is easy. Within a few seconds, one person can set-up the banner effortlessly.

What’s more, the pull-up banners give you the option of choosing the material you want. Vinyl is the most popular material used for retractable displays. You can decide to use polyester satin, bond paper matte, or gloss.

Your banner can’t be more than 5 feet wide, which limits the ad content. Nonetheless, it can be a great option if you are budget-conscious.

2. Pop-up Booth Displays

The pop-up display is among the types of banners that will extend across the exhibition’s space. Pop-up displays don’t necessarily adhere to the conventional banner designs. These display banners are made of creatively-designed fabrics.

A pop-up banner screams for attention. Its vast nature attracts a significant number of people. For outdoor promotional activities, a pop-up is preferable to a retractable banner.

If you want advertising banners and signs that have a sturdier structure, pop-up display banners are your ultimate solution. The banners are dimensional with a more substantial sizing. Setting up the signage is not as immediate.

Yet, the booth displays are worth the time and material investments.  These banners are effective for food vendors and exhibitions, such as craft shows.

3. Step and Repeat Banners

Pop and color is not an everyday advertisement approach. When you have a press briefing or a formal meeting, signage with all sorts of graphics is somehow unappealing. But with the option of a step and repeat banner, you don’t have to worry about distracting backdrops.

Step and repeat banners get your company and logo featured in image backgrounds. These banners give the impression that your company is legit. You can take pictures worth posting on Instagram or better still, on your website.

For subtle advertising, step and repeat banners can be the best choice. Despite being low-key on display, these banners will get your brand name out there. For grand openings, demo, trade shows, and red carpet events, you can never go wrong with step and repeat signage.

Consider factors such as ease of assembly, logo appearance, and color when purchasing the step and repeat banner. The size of the banner will also give you mileage in an advertisement. Don’t compromise on quality for a low-cost deal.

4. Hanging Banners

Hanging banners are in different styles, sizes, and materials. You will have a wide variety of options to promote your brand. The indoor and outdoor materials address any anticipated environmental concerns.

These types of banners are flexible and straightforward. You can use hanging banners for promotions and product launches. The size of the banner depends on your display or advertising requirements. 

Indoor hanging banners can be as high as 10ft. The indoor fabric mostly used is vinyl. The finishing options available can complement the functionality and aesthetic features of your banner.

Outdoor hanging banners are all-weather. With unlimited space, you can have diverse options on custom sizes. The finishing materials are often quality and resistant to the ever-changing environment.

For any outdoor events such as sporting activities and promotional sales, the hanging or suspended banners will pass the brand message perfectly. The graphics you choose should resonate with the marketing activity while still promoting the brand.

5. Bow Banners

Ad blocking has grown by 41%, according to a recent survey by PageFair. The declining interest in the traditional advertisement is clear. With bow banners, it’s hard for people to ignore the message.

The captivating shape is enough to demand attention. You can post an image, logo, or sizeable text to advertise your brand. The limited visual intrusion, make consumers buy into an ad without realizing.

Bow banners are standard in market stalls, sporting events, and car yard sales. You can opt for personalized branding. Alternatively, you can get the pre-printed messages such as ‘Mega Discounts’ depending on your advertisement goals.

You’ll need to choose the base design based on where you want to place the flag. If you’re going to mount on grass or turf, request for ground spikes. The car foot is available if you are placing your bow banner on the tailgates.

6. Street Pole Banners

Street pole banners work in festivals, shopping malls, towns, and campuses. The ads attract a broad audience. The street pole banners mainly promote local attractions such as theater productions or even institutions.

If you don’t have a constrained budget, you can opt for a street pole banner. Ensure that you get durable hardware brackets for the banner. The fabric should be resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The material for the banner can be heavy-duty vinyl. Acrylic polyester and mesh are also great materials for windy areas. Invest in quality material to avoid incurring replacement expenses.

Your Business Should Take Advantage of the Different Types of Banners Available To Enhance Promotional Activities

The types of banners you choose for brand advertisements can take your business to the next level. For outdoor events, your robust digital marketing might be irrelevant. You need banners to communicate your brand to attendees.

Choose marketing signs and banners based on your business needs. The advertisement will prove useful in the end. The banners can be an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness. 

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