The Worst Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth (That No One Is Telling You)


Did you know you are what you eat? …And while they will tell you to brush regularly, floss once a day, drink more water, see your dentist, they forget to tell you to limit or avoid these foods.

We have taken it upon ourselves to share with you a list of the worst foods that can damage your teeth. The decision to limit or ditch them depends entirely on you.

Many of these foods and beverages can cause plaque, which is harmful to your teeth health. It can cause tooth decay and gum problems.

And because you are what you eat, when you eat these foods, you risk exposing your teeth to serious problems.

Yes, if you fail to brush or floss your teeth regularly the plaque between your teeth will toughen and form tartar which can lead to gum problems, but if you brush and still keep on pumping these foods inside your body, you are doing the opposite of keeping your teeth healthy.

So before you decide to visit Dentist Tulsa, limit your intake of the following foods.

1. Alcohol

No Alcohol

Sorry for alcohol addicts that we have to let you know that alcohol is not good for your health, your teeth not excluded.

Did you notice that when you drink alcohol, your mouth remains dry?

That means there isn’t enough saliva which is necessary for your teeth health.

Well, perhaps you are asking what role saliva plays but it helps to clean away food particles that might have stuck on your mouth after eating.

Besides, saliva can prevent tooth decay, oral infections, and gum problems.

To keep your teeth healthy, always drink more water and brush with fluoride toothpaste or other mouthwash solutions.

2. Carbonated Beverages

No Carbonated Beverages

You will want to enjoy a soda or pop some days but even though the manufacturers use huge budgets to advertise these drinks, they aren’t safe for your teeth health.

Drinking large amounts of carbonated beverages is dangerous for your teeth more than crack cocaine. When you drink carbonated drinks, your plaque releases more acid which is harmful to your tooth enamel. That means every time you sip soda you are enriching your teeth with acid.

Worse of all, after drinking soda, your mouth is left dry which bad for your teeth health.

If you have to drink carbonated drinks, limit the quantity and avoid brushing your teeth immediately as doing so could speed up tooth decay.

3. Coffee

No Coffee

Coffee addicts, are you in the house? Camp here and listen to this bad yet good news. But don’t throw stones at us.

Did you know when you drink your morning cup of coffee you are impairing your oral health?

Coffee contains acids that are also found in some teas and can damage your tooth enamel and leave you with brown teeth.

Well, coffee has plenty of benefits though, but you should make sure as you drink, you observe your teeth health.

4. Candy

No Candies

So your Mom used to deny you sugar binges on Halloween and you thought she wasn’t being fair to you?

She was protecting you from damaging your own teeth.

Candies contain sugars which are bad for your teeth health. The sweetness in sugar when is trapped between your teeth can cause cavities.

Certain candies such as lollipops which you have to leave them in your mouth until they dissolve completely add acids to your mouth which is detrimental to your teeth’ health.

5. Citrus

No Citrus Fruits

The name of the fruit tells it all- it means it contains citric acid. Well, dieticians will tell you lemons and oranges are good for your health which we can’t dispute given that they are a rich source of vitamin C, however, these fruits can eat away your teeth enamel hence increasing the chances of tooth decay.

If you have to eat or drink juice from these fruits, do it with moderation and once done, drink water to flush the acidity away from your mouth.

6. Dried Fruits

No Dry Fruits

We can dispute that figs, apricots, and other dried fruits are good snacks to many but these fruits can get stuck in your teeth and trapped between your teeth crevices which means your teeth will be left with large quantities of sugars.

If you have to eat dried fruits, make sure you rinse your mouth with water or floss immediately after eating.

Let’s Limit or Avoid These Foods and Beverages to Keep Our Teeth Healthy!


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