Top 5 High Tech Fitness Blogs You Should be Following In 2020

Gone are the days when you had to use your watch to keep track of how long you have worked out or doing mental math on how many steps you have covered. Nowadays, it’s all about different apps and technologies to keep track of how many calories you have burned and using Artificial Intelligence for suggesting the best workouts for you.

But it is for the better. Some may not agree with me, but we know bro-science isn’t going to make your workout regimen any better. So if you feel like you need to be in touch with the latest trends and fads of fitness technology, here are the Top 5 high tech fitness blogs you need to follow.

1AND1 Life

1AND 1 Life is a digital platform for fitness enthusiasts for maximizing their potential by cutting down all noise and guides you in a better direction. See when it comes to being fit and healthy, being able to make the right decision matters a lot by start following Fitnexty for Reviews. For example, let’s say maybe you are thinking of getting some good whey protein for you.

But in reality, right now, all you need in this stage is a moderate cycle of creatine to pump up those muscles and increase the mass. 1AND1 can guide you in the right direction with their excellent workout routine and coverage of high-tech fitness.

The people behind 1AND1 Life are marketing genius from Columbia University, Thomas Drew, and Corey Lewis, the celebrity trainer in the house.

Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle, proudly proclaim themselves as a no gimmick fitness and workout blog. They do put emphasis on providing accurate and science-backed contents. They also have some dedicated professional health experts who thrive to provide the best information available to maximize your potential through the workout.

Most importantly, they do not jump into providing any conclusion without having any proof to back it, be it a workout regimen or providing a review about the latest fitness gadget. Other than having a great blog, they also have a YouTube channel with a vast collection of videos.

My Fitness Pal

Many of you might already know about the MyFitnessPal app and used it for yourself to track your daily caloric intake and diet plans. But did you know that they also have a very friendly and handy blog that regularly features? The blog is very nicely featured with a navigation that is easy to use and stands out.

But the primary reason you want to visit this high tech fitness blog is that they put loads of excellent quality content about the workout, diet, and also unique fitness apps that you may find quite useful. Not every blog has such a beautiful and versatile blend of everything you might need for a healthy lifestyle in one place.

Shape Magazine

Among all the health and wellness blogs and magazines that are uniquely catered for the needs of health-conscious women, certainly stands out the most. They cover everything, from healthy eating to weight loss to even celebrity lifestyle! I mean, this is enough material that a health-conscious woman might need in her day to day life!

Shape magazine also has a YouTube channel where they regularly put workout videos, covers celebrity interviews, share beauty tips, and more! So if you are a woman who is in excellent shape already or needs some motivation to get started, there is little or no competition with the shape magazine as a woman-oriented high tech fitness blog.

Bodybuilding is like the online mecca for all things related to fitness and bodybuilding. And no, it’s not just for dudes. There is enough stuff for female fitness enthusiasts as well.

You will see they have a very dedicated staff of personal trainers along with members who have years of training literally under their belt. should be a prime destination for you if you are looking for high tech fitness blogs as that can help you on top of your game!


The rise of wearable techs has propelled the advent of technology in the fitness industry only further. High tech fitness blogs can be a great resource of knowledge to stay fit and also find out the latest and most cutting edge fitness technology as well. So do check out those five high tech fitness blogs we have compiled here to be in the game for the long run!


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