Top 5 Regenerative Treatment For Achille Tendonitis

Achille tendonitis is a debilitating condition that takes more than a year to heal. The prolonged recovery period is severe for its limitation to your daily routine. Genesis Orthopaedic and Spine provides regenerative treatments for the Achilles tendon in Westfield to help you avoid boots, crutches, constant pain, and regain confidence in your athletic ability.

The team helps you get back to an active and healthy lifestyle by the treatment for both chronic and mild tendon injuries outlined below.

Plasma-Rich Platelets (PRP)

Inflammation of your large tendon can make your favorite activities such as running and exercising painful and nearly impossible to perform. You may experience pain when simply standing up, walking, and waking up in the morning or after a nap.

PRP derived from your blood is injected at the back of your heel that is inflamed, swollen, and in pain.

PRP contains a concentration of growth factors from your body, which helps the Achilles tendon heal and alleviate inflammation.

Stem Cell Therapy

Achilles tendonitis results from overuse of the tendon–a band that connects calf muscles to the heel. It occurs due to a rapid increase in runs and physical exercise. Hence, it results in mild and severe pain, which causes problems in daily activities such as walking upstairs.

Adipose, fat therapy, and stem cell therapy contain immunomodulatory effects injected into your body to promote tendon regeneration. The cells create new healthy tissues to replace the damaged ones.

Scanjet Tenotomy

If you suffer from a tendon injury, you are not alone. These injuries are common among athletes and the elderly due to excessive strain, overuse, and trauma that compromise the tendon’s healing ability. Percutaneous needle tenotomy is used to remove the damaged part of your tendon with the help of ultrasound guidance. It is used to promote your body’s healing response to enable you to get back to your daily activities without experiencing debilitating pain.

Physical Therapy

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Rehabilitation can help you return to your normal activities through the alleviation of pain. Physical therapy alleviates your pain by the use of mechanical means and heat.

Stretching and flexibility exercises help your tendon to heal without shortening and causing long-term pain.

Strengthening exercises help you regain the strength you might have lost when the tendon was healing and can also help prevent future injuries.

Deep massage helps improve blood circulation and prevent further injuries.

Apply ice and a heating pad to the affected area to help relieve pain and reduce swelling.

Athletic Taping

Achille tendon braces can involve one or two types of tape: athletic and kinesiology tape. The athletic tape creates a firm base to reduce movement, hence giving your tendon and other tissues in the heel area to heal faster.

Thus, Kinesiology tape increases blood flow to the affected area and other parts of the body, accelerating the healing process and alleviating pain.

Consult Your Tendon Specialist Today

Hurt Achilles tendons interfere with your walking, running, jumping, and other activities. You, therefore, need to address the solution by conducting a team of Achille tendon specialists at Genesis Orthopaedic and Spine to avoid the pain from spreading from other parts of the body and even causing disabilities.

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