Top 5 Types of Custom Size Rugs To Know Before Buying

Are you looking to buy a new rug for your house? Well, before you make any hasty decision, there is something important you need to consider. When looking for Custom Size Rugs or floor carpets there are several aspects that one must need to consider. If you are not careful in your type of choices, there is a good chance that you would land up with the wrong stuff. 

The basic idea to start with is if you want to go for a machine-made rug or a handmade quality carpet. 

Machine Made Rug VS Handmade Rug

The difference between a machine-made rug and hand made one could not seem so much from a distance, but as you get closer, you start to understand the drastic disparity between them. A machine-made rug can be described as a mass-produced product with a cheaper rate card with a lack of quality. On the other hand, a handmade rug is that of optimal quality and artistic approach and has a greater value. It is always advisable that if you are someone with a good taste and a little more budget, handmade rugs are always the way to go. 

Now, that the difference between hand made and machine rugs are done, the next thing is to understand which one of the Custom Size Rugs to go for when shopping. Is it the wool one you want or the leather one? From Jute to Faux fur rugs, there are a variety of options to look at and consider before taking a final call on your purchase. So what are these floor rugs? Let’s learn about them a little bit more. 

Faux Rugs

Generally made from a mixture of synthetic and acrylic material, Custom Size Rugs called Faux may not be an animal skin but surely resembles one. The manufacturing process of this type of floor rug involves power weaving and custom make. These rugs are not very long but go perfectly with a dark kind of a theme. 

Polypropylene Rug

If you are on a budget and still looking for some quality rugs, polypropylene rugs can be something that you can consider. These rugs are usually made of a variety of materials including, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and other synthetic materials. You can get them in a variety of custom sizes. A great part about these rugs is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they don’t tend to fade so easily, so you get a little higher lifespan from these than any other.

Wool Rugs

One of the less found rugs with a higher price point, Wool rugs are high in quality and are generally hand made. These take days to make. But, it is not that you can’t find the other versions of wool rugs, that is, the machine-made ones. The machine-made wool rugs are made with synthetic material and don’t come off as good as the handwoven ones. 

Silk Rugs

A more imperial kind of rug, silk rugs are soft with better quality and thin. They cost a lot higher than many rugs and are very delicate. But, they are a little difficult to clean and maintain. So, unless you are really into silk rugs and ready to maintain it, don’t think of getting a silk rug for your home.

Jute Rug

These are not things that you see every day. Jute floor rugs are a form of a natural rug. They are usually very large and come at an affordable price point. You can also use these rig under other kinds of rugs to provide better durability to the one above. However, before you buy these rugs make sure you do your research and be sure if they would be a good fit for your type of home.

Microfiber Rug

Made from a single polyester material or a blend of many polyesters, the microfiber rugs, as mentioned, are made from multiple strains of microfiber stitched together. The floor rugs are very affordable and can be found easily in any market or online on sites like

Leather Rugs

Not something that everyone would go for, but they do exist. Leather rugs fall under the same category of Silk and Wool rugs. They are costly and supreme in quality. They are also easy to clean, but it needs to be done a bit carefully. They are the best used in small spaces. So, when making a purchase sure. 

So, these were some of the many custom rugs you can find in the market currently. It is totally upon your choice to go for the kind you want.


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