Upsell on Exit/Visit – Shopify App Review

Upsell on Exit Visit Shopify App Review

Upsell on Exit Visit app Shopify ReviewIf you are the owner of store and still wondering: what is the best platform to launch my own online shop with a unique URL and a big number of customization features? We have an answer for you, as Shopify today is one of the most popular ways to launch and customize your own e-store. But despite the large number of functions in Shopify, users are often asking for additional features. That’s why SpurIT Company from Belarus, Minsk decided to launch their own apps to extend store owners needs and requirements.

Upsell on Exit/Visit is one of the must-have examples for your Shopify store. This app is designed specifically to increase conversions and promote your products. According to Upsell on Exit/Visit webpage here are just a few examples why it can be helpful especially for you:

  • offer a coupon if a client visits your store for the first time
  • offer a coupon if a client wants to leave your store without a purchase
  • if a client wants to leave your store and there is a product in the client’s cart, then you can show a message, for example: “Spend $X, get a gift”. The offer with the gift can be created using Unlimited Upsell app
  • show just some informative message to your clients when they are visiting the store (for example some description of your store’s specific or its rules)
  • show informative message of promotional kind to your clients when they visit the store (for example to notify your clients about terms of sales actions during the holidays)
  • inform your clients that they can get a gift if they buy 2 or more products
  • …and other promotions

Let’s figure out what is the exact meaning of these words…

When you installed app for the first time you can see this main window:

Upsell on Exit Visit

Everything looks clean and obvious and on the main window you can Add New Offer for different aims. But we are going to see this later. Let’s have a look what is “Design” button at the left side of the window:

Upsell on Exit Visit Add New Offer

Here you can setup your own window popup style. There are many options to change almost everything: colors, text, size and etc. That’s allows you to adjust it according to your needs.

Now let’s have a look at Settings:

Upsell on Exit Visit settings

Here you can adjust main settings for popup width and disable/enable pop-up feature for mobile devices. Nice and quite simple.

If after app installation you change a theme for your web store, you will need to reinstall the app for your new theme. To do that, you just need to push the “Start updating” button in Theme settings:

Upsell on Exit Visit Theme settings

Now let’s return to Current Offers section and have a look what can be done right there.

You can find a list of current offers with the following information about statuses:

Upsell on Exit Visit Current Offers

  • Name of your offer
  • Minimal and Maximum Prices
  • Option to start and stop this offer

When we click Add New Offer we can set offer details with the following settings:

Upsell on Exit Visit Add New Offer settings

There are plenty of options to customize and set up every offer in your Shopify store. What’s we would like to mention specifically is the ability to set up the offer, depending on users’ behavior. For instance, show the offer when user is leaving your store or user is visiting your store.

Also we liked the feature where you can set total cart price and/or quantity of items in cart and/or date range. The offer will be shown if these ranges are reached.

Upsell on Exit Visit Shopify store


We think that this Shopify application is a perfect example of must-have apps for your store, because it’s allows you to control the whole process of pop-up windows (discounts, offers, coupons and etc.). Of course it doesn’t guarantee that the only app can generate new leads for you, it’s just a good instrument to use along with other apps.

But overall impression is very positive: it’s simple to use, easy to setup and manage. If I could mark this application I give it 9/10 for making very nice motivational job. And I’m pretty sure it helps to improve overall conversion rate.

Name of Applicaton: Upsell on Exit/Visit
URL to Install Application: Download
See all SpurIT Apps: Visit Webpage

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