Vaping On A Plane & Airport – What Are The Rules?

Vaping at Work

Vaping devices have become popular and there are a plethora of usability, batteries, and size variation. On the contrary, the technology remains constant; it includes a cartridge for storing the e-liquid, battery, and the machinery that vaporizes the liquid by heating, along with the mouthpiece. With this being said, people often wonder about using the vapes and cartridge packaging to the airplane. 

Of course, there are some limitations regarding vape carrying through the security gates or to the airplanes. So, while you are trying to take a vacation or make a business trip, being aware of the vaping rules and laws at the airport is incredibly important. For this purpose, we have established this article that shares a complete guide on using vapes on airports and planes!


To begin with, in some parts of the United States, vaping is legal but some airports of the country have illegalized vaping. These airports include Los Angeles International Airport, Francisco International Airport, and Philadelphia International Airport. On the other hand, some airports have limitations regarding how much vape oils you can carry, such as 1ml cartridge packaging or less. 

Vaping & Air Travel

It’s obvious for every vaper has to think about vaping permissions and rules on the airport or plane. For instance, they think if they can vape on the plane. Generally, users are allowed to bring vapes on the airplane but you must check the additional restrictions and regulations. This is because vapes have batteries and it must be checked through the luggage and bags. 

People often wonder if vaping devices are allowed at airports. The straightforward answer is yes, the vapes are allowed on the person or in the carry-on luggage. With this being said, the requirements of airports are obligatory to follow. According to the representatives of TSA, one must unbox the JUUL packaging and put them in the ziplock before packing them, hence avoidance of issues. 

Tips For Packing The Vape Pen For Flying 

If you want to avoid the inconvenience on the plane or at the airport, you must short the checklists because it actually helps follow the regulation. One must follow these regulations since they are designed to ensure the highest standards of security for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have to travel with a vape cartridge or vape pen, you must keep in mind the following tips;

  • Always pack the vape components and devices in the carrying case or vape bag 
  • Store the extra vape batteries pretty well 
  • Always store the batteries away from the loose change or magnets since it can ignite the batteries 
  • Don’t forget to switch off the vapes devices before you pack them in the carrying cases 
  • Store the e-liquids in the transparent ziplock bags 
  • Always keep the e-liquids separate from the carry baggage 
  • If the liquid bottles are larger than 100ml, keep them in the checked baggage 
  • Don’t charge the vapes or e-cigarettes on the airplane 

Permission To Vape At Airports

For the most part, it depends on the airport rules because the airports of Tampa, Miami, and Toronto allow the passengers to vape at the airport. Truth be told, there has been nary clarity on laws and regulations associated with vaping and only a few countries have legalized and regulated the utilization of vaping. 

On the contrary, the regulations have been incrementing over the course of the last five years. This is because ever since August 2016, e-cigarettes and vaping devices are being regulated just as the tobacco products. This is because the FDA has mandated the utilization. On the contrary, some people are wondering about smoking bans for airplanes. 

After the mandate devised by the FDA, e-cigarettes have become some of the devices that are banned from planes. Subsequently, wherever cigarettes are not allowed, e-cigarettes aren’t allowed either. Accrediting the potential exposure to harmful chemicals, WHO has recommended the ban of e-cigarettes just as cigarettes. 

All around the globe, Argentina has banned vaping but some countries have enforced the restrictions. In simpler words, vaping rules and restrictions are different for every country and state. So, it’s suggested to read the local laws if you are transiting somewhere. 

Using E-Cigarettes At The US Airports

For the most part, there are some vape-friendly airports in the US, such as Laguardia Airport and John F Kennedy International Airport. There are some terminals that allow vaping and e-cigarettes. However, the clean indoor act from the New York State has restricted vaping in public as well as private indoor workplaces. On the contrary, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Argentina have restricted vaping at their airports. 

Rules Associated To Vaping At Airports

To begin with, the tobacco smoking areas of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport allow vaping while Heathrow Airport allows vaping outside the terminals. One could try to get in touch with the airport security since they have better information regarding vape consumption at the airport.  

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