VoIP Digital Technology: Opening the Door to Global Business

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could speak and understand every language! We might all end up with USB ports behind the ear and can instantly upload any language, empowering us to communicate with people from all backgrounds. That may well be the future, but for now, there are some pretty impressive online translation companies that offer a wide range of translation services, all of which are done remotely.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Known as VoIP, this provides a clear audio and video feed; powerful applications such as Skype and Zoom are the platforms the global translation provider would utilise. Let’s say you wanted to have a business discussion with a Russian CEO, then using Global Citizens Russian translations makes total sense. A translator can be seamlessly connected to your video conference, providing you with real-time translation and with over 500 pairs of languages covered, you are covered for any possible scenario.

Diverse Range of Services

A leading global translation provider would offer the following services to the business community:

  • Real time translation during a video conference
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription
  • Video subtitles
  • Multi-lingual desktop translation
  • Seminar & webinar Workshops

Industry Specific Translation Services

There are times when you need a translator who is industry specific and the global translation service provider would have specialists in the following fields:

  • Legal matters – Competent in all fields of law.
  • Scientific – Professional translators that work within the scientific sector.
  • Banking & Finance – Expert translators who work in the banking & finance sector.
  • Media – Public relations and corporate branding.
  • Marketing – Whether digital or otherwise, the provider would always have round the clock cover for media-related services.

On-Demand Translation Services 24/7

There are global companies that cover the entire world and they would have hundreds of professional translators and interpreters on call around the clock, which ensure that your virtual meeting can go ahead as planned, with no language issues. Creating an account only takes a few minutes, then you have comprehensive translation services on demand any time that you might require them. Here are a few tips on finding the best managed IT service provider which is a recommended read for all entrepreneurs.

Transparent Pricing System

Ideally, the provider would have an easy-to-understand pricing system and the more you use, the cheaper it becomes, plus they are flexible regarding payment and will be happy to bill you monthly, fortnightly or even by the job. Setting up an account only takes a few minutes and the provider would be happy to have a short video meeting with you to discuss your needs and that would be free and without obligation.

Professional Standards

When using a leading global translation provider, all translators must meet very high standards and must be able to translate at a professional speed and have adequate experience to provide a 5-star service. If you require an industry-specific translator, this can easily be arranged and asking for a job quote couldn’t be easier with their rapid response website, which is easy to use, allowing you to schedule services automatically. The current pandemic has made a lot of business people turn to online solutions, as Covid-19 wreaks havoc across the world.

You are no longer limited to doing business with English-speaking people and with a leading global translation provider, you have all your translation services covered.


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