Want to Lose Weight, Here Is How Strength Training Is Better

According to some researches, strength training is better at burning fat and losing weight than cardio. Doing just the cardio might not be the place where you want to end up plus you are missing out on things. Strength training might not be as popular as cardio but it gets the job done, better. Strength training is the use of resistance for muscle contraction. As of now, it is gaining popularity as people are recognizing that it is helpful. When done the right way it speeds up the process.

Just like doing the workout right way is important, wearing proper workout clothes is also necessary. It is like if you want to lose weight stop eating junk food! Anyways, without further ado, we will get into it straight. The following mentioned are some reasons why strength training can help you lose weight in a better and faster way.

Better metabolism and health

According to certified trainers and researcher strength training is better than cardio, because there is a reason. Cardio exercises help lose fat but along with it, you are also losing muscle mass which is not good. Lesser body to mass ratio the more time fat would take to burn which slows your metabolism. So, you are losing fat with cardio but eventually at a much slower rate, which of course you would not want to do if weight loss is your goal.

Plus, it can make you stuck in the same position. On the other hand, strength workouts increase muscle mass and burn more calories.

Burning more calories with cardio

Let’s put it this way, in strength training when you work out the body is burning fat, but after you stop working out the body is repairing the muscles and in doing so it is burning calories. Simply said, if you do strength training you can burn fat while watching TV. Making it a part of your workout routine, making it the workout can thus speed up the amount of fat you burn and it means more weight loss, which is exactly what the plan was, right?

Wait, bring some change to your strength workout to get more effective and better results. Doing these simple things like, no rest and continuous sets, or doing cardio in between sets can help you out a lot to achieve your goal sooner. We would recommend doing a little more change, not to the workout for the clothes. Sometimes the clothes you wear can be the cause of poor results and sometimes even muscle pain. That is why workout clothes are made, go have a look and buy your favorites. 

Burning more calories with weights

A mixture of weight training and if you can add cardio to strength workout too the next thing you will know is six abs. No-no waits, don’t start heavy weight lifting and try to be a strong man from the very first day we only said to add SOME weight. Have it this way, adding some weight is more beneficial compared to doing more reps, of whatever training you do. Plus, it will help in muscle growth. Continue the weight training, who told you to stop! Actually, weight training is good for the body in many ways like it increased flexibility, increased bone density, stronger bones and muscles, and fewer chances of chronic diseases.

Strength Training

Burn the belly fat

Controlled experiments and studies show that when weight training is also added to this workout even stubborn belly fat can be burned easily. Increasing the intensity and lifting more weight, not so much that you end up on the bed, will also increase the fat-burning process. Next time you feel like the process is slow, instead of cutting out on carbs, protein and basically, everything checks if the process you are doing is right or not. Switching towards the right ones will give better results.

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Strength training

Starting with the strength training as a beginner is a great idea, even if you have never worked out before. Let us tell you what you can do to get more out of less. Pullups, pushups, deadlifts, squats, barbell press, and bench press are very basic and important strength workouts. You should add these to your workout, do these at least four times a week. You can break them in parts doing some on one day followed by others respectively.


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