5 Ways to Plan for Home Renovations

Once you open a construction or remodeling firm, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the multitude of projects. You can make planning home renovation projects easier by using a variety of estimating, project management and design software. You can schedule multiple projects in a calendar program so you can easily manage the numerous deadlines. Here are five ways you can more easily plan home or office renovation projects.


 Estimating: The first post-consult step in a construction project involves creating the estimate. Use a construction estimate software application to calculate material costs, equipment needs, and labor costs. Use programs like PlanSwift and ProContractor Estimating to create cost projections and formal bids or proposals. These constructions estimate software apps take the resource needs your input and make the calculations to automatically generate the needed bid.

Planning and Design:

Planning and Design: Once you win the bid, you need to create a formal design of the project. Choose a home design program that’s simple to learn, lets you create templates and lets you start from scratch when you need to create a unique design. Many people can pick up Virtual Architect Ultimate in a few hours. It comes with nine predesigned templates you can customize. It also provides an advanced area for designing from scratch. This combination makes it easy to use for novice handymen and professional architects and interior designers. You can design down to the fixtures then use the cost estimator to calculate a rough estimate of the cost.


 Collaboration: Larger projects may include architects, designers and multiple clients. This requires collaboration. The cloud application Corecon lets you collaborate online and share information on the cost estimates, project management and scheduling. It also provides a job cost control feature. You can access it from any browser or mobile device. You can add CoreconLink utilities to also include accounting. firms will have the ability to access their lead and project information anywhere anytime to make quick and informed decisions. Integration options are also available for many accounting systems via it’s. Procore provides another top option in this category offering many of the same features.

 Project Management:

 Project Management: Use a project management software specifically designed for custom builders and remodelers. The cloud app, Buildertrend, lets you create the project schedule, manage communication, create and maintain budgets and set and track tasks and create documents. It flags scheduling conflicts, so you do not run into trouble. It uses a monthly subscription model that provides the application and cloud storage space.


 Accounting: The construction industry has special accounting needs. Use an application specifically designed for it like About A-Systems JobView. This construction accounting software uses an on-premise deployment model. It provides basics like job costing, plus advanced features like accounts payable and receivable, a general ledger, payroll and sales orders. It also lets you handle communications via a contact manager. You can integrate options like equipment costing, inventory and purchase orders.

You can make planning home renovations much easier with the right software. Outfit your company with the applications you need to make it succeed.


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