What Is a Reefer Trailer and Why Do You Need It?


A reefer trailer is a dry trailer that offers insulation, cooling power and a stable temperature. If your business involves transporting anything that needs to be kept at a stable temperature, owning a refrigerated trailer can make it much easier to confirm your own transportation needs and schedule.

Businesses That Use Reefer Trailers

If you’re moving food, refrigeration is likely essential. Additionally, a refrigerated trailer can also help out anyone who needs to ship materials that have been

  • heat treated, such as metals that need formed
  • glued or sealed, such as any product that needs bonded and requires curing time

You don’t have to be hauling food to make a reefer trailer or reefer truck a terrific investment. There are trucks that offer full refrigeration and there are more trailers and trucks that include temperate storage without providing consistent cooling.

When You’re Ready to Buy

If you’ve been renting, relying on contract drivers or delivery from your supplier and are tired of the uncertainty, experts with Hale Trailers “…suggest reviewing reefer semi trailers for sale in your area. Careful, thorough review of the trailer base, the decking, wall insulation and refrigeration unit are crucial.”

Generally, try to make your purchase from a business that specializes in trailer sales. While a private buy may seem a cheaper option, you will want to be certain that the basic structure of your trailer base is sound, free of oxidation, and not at risk of damage under load pressure or road conditions.

Having your own trailer can remove a lot of uncertainty and frustration from your transportation headaches. Once you own a trailer that you can load as needed and transport directly to your clients, your business moves up in dependability and your reputation can grow quickly.

Long-Term Goals

Once you have a reefer trailer that you can rely on for transporting your product, you can start to plan expansion options. This may mean expanding your production line and moving more of your product, or hiring a driver and renting the trailer out when you’re not using it.

Having your own reefer trailer can also reduce your inventory stress. For example, if you have a shipment of product to go out as it comes off the assembly line, you can load it right into the truck and skip the stocking step.

For security and best results, consider getting a reefer trailer that you can store inside your facility. You can also build great relationships with private drivers who own their own rig and are happy to haul your product as soon as your truck is loaded.

Uncertainty in the business world has a lot of businesses looking for new suppliers. If you’re struggling to get in materials and need to go pick up raw goods, you’ll have a trailer. If you’re struggling to find a shipper, owning a trailer can turn you into a go-to supplier and provide you with the chance to expand.

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