What Should you be Looking for in a Water Heater?

You may want to change your old water heater for an upgrade or you are buying a new one for your new home. Either way, you’d want to get the best electric water heater that will give you the most luxurious bathing experience.

Today, in this post, we’re not going to recommend any brand of water heater, but we’ll teach you how to discern which one is good and which is the best.

With tankless or tank water heater nh. there are two main types of water heater systems to choose from: tankless and tank-style models. Tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity due to their energy efficiency and space-saving design that does not require a large storage unit. Tankless water heaters function by heating up the water on demand, meaning that they only

Strong Water Pressure

One of the things that you must first check when shopping for a heater is the strength of water pressure that it produces. Look at the specific value of the water pressure of the unit.  This specs is usually expressed in kilogram-force or KGF, kilopascal or KPA, or pound per square inch or PSI.

You might also want to choose a water heater with a stabilizer valve. This component is important to maintain a consistent temperature even when there are changes in water pressure within your home or the whole community. Some even comes with a booster through which you can control the flow rate of the heater.

Shower Head Inclusion

When talking about an electric water heater, we cannot separate the issue of shower head.  Check the quality and type of shower head that is included in the heater so you can gauge what you’re getting. Some shower heads are equipped with a rain shower technology that basically strengthens the flow of water coming to the shower head.

Shower Head Inclusion

Energy Efficient

In this day and age where people are more concerned about protecting the environment, you should be too. And it should be seen in your choice of home appliances. Go for a water heater that is energy efficient. Energy efficiency is usually certified by the authorities and is written on the water heater unit itself. It should have a label that it is an energy efficient home appliance.

Slick and modern Design

If you’re also fond of everything simple and efficient, better go for a slick and modern style of water heater. Most slick and modern design of showers and water heaters are minimalist in appearance, without too much colours or drama. 

Safety Features

Lastly, take note that water heaters are supposed to be durable, reliable, and above all else, safe to use at all times. Check the water heater’s safety features like the rubber knobs that prevent any emergency electrocution from taking place.

Some other water heater safety features are the controls of the unit. Make sure they are made to last and are easy to adjust so you can safely pick a temperature that’s right for you. Get help from repair services 24 hrs island wide plumbing services Singapore pros so you can make sure that the safety features are in place in your water heater unit. If not, then they can create 

These water heater tips are helpful in looking for the best unit for your needs. Don’t just focus on the design or the look of the water heater, but the functionality and overall features.


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