Why Is It Cheaper to Use React JS for Web Development

JS for Web Development
JS for Web Development : Photo by Christina Morillo

When we want to learn about complex things but get an explanation in simple language, a scientist comes to the rescue. We tell you what React is, how it appeared and what are its advantages for the business and the React JS development company.

What Is React?

React is a library responsible for building the site’s user interface. And such an interface, where there is not only text but also interactive elements, dynamics, and various events. What is it about? About the possibility to like, for example. Or send a completed contact form. Or work with maps stuffed with infographics. Or with the administrative panel in the online store, where the product, the basket, and the process of sending the payment have several states.

So, if one user action on the site should lead to some changes, then these changes will occur according to specific scenarios – the same scripts. React is used to speed up the development of a site with a lot of JavaScript code and to make it easier for the developer. The more complex the site, the more illusory the chance to make it without using React and its main competitors – frameworks Angular and Vue.js.

What Are the Advantages of Applications Written in React?

Let’s take a look at some pros of developing using React JS.

Server load and development time are reduced

Site performance increases: pages open faster and the interface responds to user actions. If a regular web application returns HTML markup with CSS to the browser upon request, so that the browser renders the page, in the case of React applications, the browser first loads a set of scripts that are executed on the user’s device. This takes the load off the server and improves performance.

It is not necessary to develop the entire site on React if the dynamic blocks occupy only a small part

While static pages work as usual, we can make a specific block on React and insert scripts so that they are executed only in it. Many companies are rewriting their product on React.

Compared to regular sites, React sites have a cleaner architecture

A clean architecture that is easier to detect and fix, and easier to maintain. The developer controls data flows, markup, and styling, and is ideally familiar with programming patterns that allow programs to be assembled faster and more flexibly.

Front-end and back-end teams describe the format of receiving and sending data in advance

They can work in parallel: while the backend is being developed, frontend developers based on the documentation simulate the data that will come from the server.

React and Single-page Applications

If the load is removed from the server, it increases on the user side. But statistics say that client machines have enough RAM to render React site pages in the browser. However, if you want to get the fastest response from the interface, use the SPA (Single Page Application) approach. In essence, React continually redraws the entire website as one page. But not completely.

How does a simple program typically navigate from page to page?

When navigating to another page, the user requests the server and the server returns the markup, styles, and script files (i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). In the case of SPA, the user, moving between sections of the site, is formally on the same page, but he already has the script files and styles – it remains to add what is missing. For example, if the header of the site is the same on every page, and only some block of the page has changed, then there is no need to redraw the header.

What Famous Sites and Applications Are Developed on React.js?

Billions of people deal with the output of React.js every day. Including:

  • Facebook news feed;
  • Most of the client side of Instagram;
  • Partially WhatsApp;
  • Netflix;
  • New York Times;
  • Yahoo! Mail;
  • Dropbox;
  • Codecademy.

JavaScript turns a simple website into a useful work tool. But it will cost you more if the team uses a classic approach to web development. That team that knows React will save money.

The developer may work more quickly and have total control over what transpires on the client side thanks to this library, which is excellent for apps with plenty of dynamic aspects. If your site involves a lot of dynamic content, choose a team that knows React.

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