Zirconia Crowns: The Future of Dental Restoration

Zirconia Crowns

The development of the dental industry does not stop for a minute. Scientists and practitioners are collaborating to find new ways of teeth reconstruction. Their task is to discover the best options for prosthetics, which would suit the maximum number of people and have durability, biocompatibility, and high aesthetic qualities. 

One of the latest advances made possible by CAD-CAM technology is zirconium tooth crowns. As a breakthrough in prosthetics compared to other materials, zirconium crowns in Brickell Dental Care have gained special popularity and received excellent reviews from patients.

Why Dentists Recommend Zirconium Crowns

While patients are often primarily interested in the cost of zirconium crowns, doctors at BrickellDental emphasize their medical qualities first:

  • Neutrality towards the gums;
  • Biocompatibility that made them suitable for installation even for allergy sufferers;
  • Low thermal conductivity, which guarantees the protection of the tooth from negative reactions to high temperature;
  • Resistance to chewing forces, which allows dentists not to limit the patient’s diet;
  • Ability to fix the bite height, which is important so that the teeth do not lower.

Why Patients Love Zirconia Crowns

  • A beautiful appearance that allows you to smile at others with even more joy and sincerity;
  • Absence of inflammation of the gums due to the environmental friendliness of zirconium dental crowns and their hypoallergenic properties;
  • Ease of installation and minimal impact on tooth tissue;
  • Lightweight yet durability of crowns thanks to which you don’t have to worry about eating solid foods.

The very high precision of manufacturing zirconium crowns in Brickell Dental Care using CAD-CAM technology ensures that microorganisms cannot enter under the crown. So, your teeth will not only look great but also be reliably protected from adverse effects. Thanks to this, teeth will remain fully functional and healthy. This is what allows dentists to say that zirconium crowns are a new generation of prostheses that can keep the oral cavity in perfect condition for a very long time.

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