10 Best Airports In The World


Let’s be honest, airports are not the best places to be. They are stressful and fast-paced and usually include things not many people enjoy: waiting, security checks and interrupted plans are just a few.

Whether we like them or not, airports are now becoming a big part of our lives. With increased travel and far-flung friends and family, we’ll have to spend some time in airports in the coming years. So if you do have to spend time in an airport, consider trying to spend that time in the following 10 airports, which have been rated the best in the world!

10London’s Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport

The third-busiest airport in the world in 2011, Heathrow has also won awards for best airport shopping and best airport terminal. It includes a full service day spa, ongoing events like live music and many shopping outlets, ranging from Boots to Burberry.

9Vancouver International Airport

. Vancouver International Airport

Ranked top by Skytrax and also by staff, the Vancouver International Airport is the least busy airport in this list, but still ranks high for several reasons. Visitors to the airport are treated to a large and varied collection of Pacific Northwest native art and volunteers, known as the green coat ambassadors, help travellers find their way about in the airport.

8Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport

Located several miles north of Zurich’s city center, the Zurich airport underwent a huge expansion in 2003 that included a new terminal and an underground train to act as a passenger shuttle. It also offers a porter service that travellers can pay a fee to use. This allows for porters to pick up passengers bags and deliver them to their final destination.

7Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport

The hugely popular Beijing Capital International Airport sees 78.7 million travellers a year. The massive airport is so heavily used that the city is building a second airport that will rival JFK in size. The super modern airport utilizes lots of glass in it architecture to give the feeling of spaciousness.

The airport also offers the comforts of the Langham Place Hotel, which has been rated one of the best hotel airports in the world.

6Haneda Tokyo International Airport

Haneda Tokyo International Airport

The Tokyo International Airport (also known as the Haneda Airport) opened in 2010 and a sleek and impeccably clean interior. The stacked, rounded buildings are architecturally unique and two monorails coming from the city serve it.

Haneda Airport offers a rooftop panoramic viewing deck to watch planes take off and land and many high-end shops and restaurants.

5Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

One of the oldest airports on our list, the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol opened in 1916 as a military airfield. Now, this international airport offers travellers many luxuries as they wait for their flights. Visitors can enjoy massages, visit the bustling casino or catch up on some reading in the airports own library.

4Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

Serving almost 54 million passengers a year, Hong Kong International Airport certainly knows how to take people’s minds off travel woes. Offering unique facilities, such as a simulated 9 and 18-hole golf course for long layovers and a full IMAX theatre. Travellers with children can also take them to the Dream Come True Education Park, which allows children to role-play in different careers in related uniforms.

3Munich Airport

Munich Airport

This large and airy airport is aesthetically pleasing and offers a multitude of dining and shopping options. The airport also offers several bars, including breweries and high-end wine bars.

Seeing over 37 million travellers a year, the Munich Airport is rated as a 5 star Skytrax airport and it shows!

2Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport

This young airport was only opened in 2005, but has since been rated as one of the world’s top airports. The architecturally unique airport in South Korea is home to several cultural exhibits, including the Korean Cultural Street with full-size traditional buildings. It also offers a skating rink to help you pass the time!

1Singapore’s Changi Airport

Singapore's Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport has its best airport in the world status locked down. This massive airport is an international transit hub that that includes some very unique facilities, such as a butterfly garden, rooftop pool, movie theatres, hotels, spas and even a four-story slide. One of its most famous installations is a huge kinetic ‘rain’ sculpture that must be seen to be appreciated.

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