Although it is necessary for every girl to keep a record of her periods however it is more critical for a woman who looks forward to conceiving a baby. For conceiving you need to track down the cycle of your ovulation according to which you can decide when to make a baby. Keeping a record of your ovulation period you can get pregnant more easily. This can be useful when you have waited for having a bay after you settle down in all manners be it financially or emotionally. At such times you look for making the baby asap.

Here are a few ways to track your ovulation;

Ava bracelet: it is an easily wearable tracker which detects you’re your fertility cycle and tells you about the symptoms of your fertility. It also informs about the end of fertility keeps a record of the parameters like sleep, pulse, stress and periods which fluctuate during this cycle. Want to know more about this bracelet? Review here.

Basal body temperature records: if you can’t buy an ava bracelet then start to keep a record of the basal body temperature. This is helpful because most women have a relatively higher body temperature than normal during the days of ovulation. Every day after you wake up, measure the temperature of your body. During those days when ovulation occurs, you will observe a surge automatically.

The diameter of cervix varies: throughout the month the cervix, opening to your uterus undergoes changes. During the days when your body is not ready to conceive it will be tightly closed while when it is ready to get pregnant it’s diameter increases. It becomes softer, higher and wet. It opens itself signaling the most fertile period of the month.

Change in desires: during the days of ovulation, your body is in more need of sex. The sexual drive is at its peak. This change in your body and desire is due to the varying levels of testosterone in your blood.

Deduce it from your menstrual cycle: you could track down your ovulation if you keep records of your periods.  The menstrual period is between the first day of your periods till the day you get your next periods. Mark those days using a calendar. This will also keep you vigilant about your dates. Track it for a period of 3-4 months. If it of 27-28 days subtract 14 days from the total length of days and this is how you can determine your ovulation. In case your periods fluctuate a lot from month to month you have to adopt other methods of detection.

Examine the amount of mucus discharge from your cervix: After your periods stop there is less to no mucus discharge for three to four days. However, there are days when the amount of mucus discharge is increased and comes to a point where you feel too wet due to the presence of too much mucus. This mucus is stretchy and slippery. This is the time when you are ovulating.

MY Days X- Ovulation Calendar and period tracking: it is an app which is developed to track down your ovulation cycle. It is recognized by leading doctors in the world.

Ovulation predictor kits: these are available in the market easily. They are quite similar to the pregnancy test shows a color pattern according to the increase in the luteinizing hormone in your body.

Saliva ferning test: it is an inexpensive way of detecting your ovulation period. It is based on the principle of crystal formation in your saliva. The menstrual cycle brings changes in the chemical composition of your saliva.

Counting manually: if your menstrual cycle is fixed you can count back to about 14 days and that is your period of ovulation.

These are some of the ways to track your ovulation and conceive. You can review here all of the steps and things you need to follow.


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