Are you looking for a visually appealing interior design? From the colour palette to furniture type, you decide to go very specific for your new home’s interior or after the revamp. Whether you are taking interior design magazines into account or hiring a professional interior designer, you might wish to add decorative ideas.

However, if you are too confident about your decorating skills, then decorate your home as per your choice. But, you shouldn’t regret your decorating decision, later. That’s why we would like to mention some repetitive mistakes home-owners make while decorating their houses. So, you don’t encounter any fatal expenses, and the design doesn’t suit the homely ambience, as well. Observe the following tips and don’t put your feet in the wrong shoes.

1. Deciding the Paint at First

We admit that you should paint the interiors before you place any belongings in the rooms. Because it feels easy and causes no mess at all. But, choosing the paints for the room, can be confusing and would ruin your entire home decor idea.

Experts associated with home maintenance Dubai suggest choosing complementary paint according to the furniture, upholstery colour, pillows, rugs, etc in the room. Otherwise, you might fail to find the fabric colours according to the colour palette of the walls. Therefore, opting for fabric furnishing beforehand looks much easier than committing to a definite paint, for the very first time.

2.  Go with Everything that Matches your Sofa

The sofa in the living room is a sign of ultimate comfort and family unity. But, you need not necessarily find other living space essentials that match the sofa by colour. For instance, you should refrain from selecting pillows, rugs and upholstery of the same colour of the sofa.

Can’t decide, what to do? Look for contrasting tones that would complement each other. For example, pillows’ colour should feel great if you match them with the paint of the wall. On the other hand, if you have placed a green sofa, then green plants on the table-top would be perfect.

3. Setting Chandeliers Higher

Chandeliers are an eminent choice if you want to consider both lighting enhancements and decoration. But, the appropriate position of chandeliers should not be very high. Because your objective is to light up the entire room and not just the ceiling. If you set them too high, then the light won’t reach down and the room would seem darker.

Additionally, your guests would miss noticing the beautiful chandelier. Thus, hang them at a point from where the light won’t face any obstruction, at all.

4. Purchasing Furniture of Disharmonic Sizes

When you are out to purchase furniture for decorating, then the available furniture sizes might confuse you. Every single furniture in the showroom might seem adjustable for your rooms. But, they might not, if you have forgotten to have a look at the perimeters of the rooms.

What’s the solution? Don’t want to end up with buying wrong-sized furniture. Well, we are not literally measuring your surroundings with measuring tape. However, you should have an approximate idea about the free space of the living room or bedrooms.

5. Settling for a Wrong-Sized Rug

If you think rugs get the minimum importance in your home, you are probably making a mistake. Though your flooring is made of hardwood, rugs play a vital part in defining open space areas. Additionally, it allows great coordination among everything in the room.

Hence, skipping rugs for the floors might be regretful, especially when the chair and table edges would hurt your expensive flooring. On the other hand, choosing a relatively small rug will be of no use, as well. So, pay extra attention when you buy, get the right-sized rugs for your home.

6. Hanging Short Curtains

Any kind of windows treatment is meant for securing your privacy. And, curtains are great if they touch the floor. Don’t ever purchase shorter curtains. They would negatively impact the look of the wall. Even, the wall might appear shorter than it really is. Meanwhile, your privacy won’t be properly protected. Always, go for longer curtains.

7. Ignoring Clutter before Decoration

Minimalist home maintenance Dubai ideas are trending when it comes to home decoration. If your home is full of clutter then not a single home decoration idea won’t suit your home; no matter, how expensive furniture you have bought. As a consequence, all your budget planning goes in vain and your home would make its position in the dysfunctional list.

Don’t let this happen. You should handle the decluttering procedure before you commit to home decor ideas. If you find any furniture of fabric furnishing that is of use, then sell or donate them. Thus, you would free up space for further home decoration.

8.  Looking for Every Decoration Item in the Same Store

All-in-one shops are craze, nowadays. When it comes to home decoration, then you might think of purchasing every furniture and other decorative items from a dedicated home-decor store. We strictly recommend you not to repeat this mistake any more. Mostly, such shops indicate a single tone-favouring home decor essentials. And, you would end up purchasing almost everything of the same colour palette and maybe the same range of furniture.

That’s not a pretty idea for decorating your entire home or a single room. We request you to wander from shops to shops in search of suitable decoration and furniture. It would consume more time but it’s worth it.

9. Combining Several Eye-Catching Interior Designs for a Room

Every interior design has different potential and appeal. For instance, modern interior design won’t look promising if you want to give it a traditional touch. You should stick to a single colour palette and wood shades to derive a worthy result. If you are in doubt, consult with a professional interior designer and share your views about interior design.

10. Not Pursuing Enough Time for Home Decoration

We can understand your excitement to finish up all the home decorations and enjoy them all at once. But, an unnecessary rush in home decoration ideas might lead you to compromise with your decoration taste. Avail enough time to understand your homely requirements, colour themes and layouts before you purchase furniture, paintings, curtains or anything. Moreover, you can escape from wrong choices and cherish your home decoration for years to come.

11. Painting Cold Tones for Comparatively Smaller Spaces

If you are searching for visually aesthetic ideas for your home decoration, then consider calm and cold shades for larger walls. On the other hand, you can pick warm colours with respect to the colour palette for smaller walls. However, if you still want to use a small space with cool tones, then minimize furniture assembly. And, decorate the space with suitable and optimized accessories. Ensure that space shouldn’t appear chaotic.

Finally, Prioritizing Stylus over Comfort…

Don’t approve any interior design or fabric that invites difficulties to usage. For example, modular cloth storage might seem impractical according to your home. Additionally, don’t compromise with home decor furnishing fabrics that are made up of synthetic materials. Moreover, avail different kinds of lighting solutions besides chandeliers and other overhead lights.