A stylish kitchen can instantly make your kitchen look so beautiful and updated. There are so many ways to make your kitchen look good but if you would work on specific things then it would be easy for you. Tile backsplash covers almost more than 80% of the kitchen so changing it can make a huge difference. There are so many amazing kitchen tile backsplash ideas that you can check out for your kitchen. This would add a different vibe to the kitchen and if you are looking for instant change in your kitchen then this is a good idea. Here are some of the coolest kitchen tile backsplash ideas that you can choose for your kitchen:

Rustic painted tiles for your kitchen:

We love rustic designs in our kitchen and having rustic painted tiles is the easiest way to recreate the rustic vibe in the kitchen. Here you can have beautiful rustic prints over your kitchen tiles and this would make your entire kitchen look so beautiful.

Painted mirror tiles:

A set of tiles with a mirror finish would make things look so much better. If you would have the kitchen backsplash made with painted mirror tiles then this would create a class on your kitchen. You can go for different colors in this case.

Large brick block tiles:

The brick design tiles are so much in trend and the huge surface of the brick tiles make it look so elegant. It would be great if you would have the large brick block tiles in basic colors like pastel or just white. This would definitely make the kitchen look beautiful.

Glossy basic tiles for the kitchen:

Glossy basic tiles for the kitchen

Who doesn’t like gloss and sparkles? If you always love some gloss on everything then you would love the glossy tiles for your kitchen. Here you can go for basic looking tiles so that people could see the amazing gloss over the kitchen backsplash tiles. You can have a glossy finish over different colors of tiles here.

Tiles with motif design for the kitchen:

Motif designs can be seen in clothing materials and you can also see such designs on rugs but tiles with motif designs are unique. This would make the entire kitchen look a lot more different and beautiful at the same time which is great.

Abstract waves on the kitchen tiles:

Abstract waves are not a very common design on the kitchen tiles but being unique would not make you regret your decision. Going with some colorful abstract waves over the base of white tiles would always make the backsplash look amazing in your kitchen.

How about the basic gray marbles:

The gray and black tones are very unique as most people don’t get such colored tiles for the kitchen. You can try the gray-colored tiles for the kitchen as that would make your kitchen unique and your kitchen would stand out in this beautiful color. You can also go for different shades of gray in this case.

The classic blue and white tile:

The classic blue and white tile

If you would try to guess about some of the best color combinations then you would get to know about the combination of blue and white colors. These two colors look just fabulous when paired together. Here you can have a blue and white tile combination for your kitchen backsplash.

Charcoal black tiles would make your kitchen look beautiful:

If you like the dark hues in your kitchen then nothing would be better than the charcoal black tiles. This would make your kitchen look mature and prominent at the same time. Black is not a usual color but it would still make the kitchen look the best.

Geometric patterns over the kitchen tiles:

Believe it or not but nowadays geometric patterns are trending and there are so many places where we have geometric patterns. Even in the case of kitchen backsplash, you can try some geometric patterns as that would enhance the entire look of the kitchen in no time. You can go for different types of geometrical patterns.

Wood-like kitchen backsplash tiles:

Wood like kitchen backsplash tiles

Wooden backsplash tiles are very unique and it is more like the country style. This would create an urban kitchen for you which turns out to be very beautiful. You can also have different shades of woods in this case as it would work wonderfully for your kitchen.

Basic white tiles would always be classy:

Basic white tiles would always be classy:

If you don’t want any drama in your kitchen then you should probably go for basic white kitchen tiles. White tiles are evergreen and it would never go out of trend so you can keep it forever as well. This would also make your kitchen look bright.

Different shapes on the kitchen tiles:

Different shapes on the kitchen tiles

Shapes would always make things beautiful so you can have these kinds of designed tiles for your kitchen as well. This would always make the tile backsplash of your kitchen nice and interesting. You can go for different shapes and prints which is great for sure.

Dark tiles for the kitchen:

Dark tiles for the kitchen

If you have really bright lighting for your kitchen then you can try dark tiles for your kitchen as that would be awesome. You can even go for the basic black tiles as that would highlight the kitchen or you can even try other dark-colored tiles as well.

Colored squares among pale tiles:

A pop of color would always make things better so even in this case you can have some colored tiles. This would be a good backsplash for your kitchen as that would add some color to your kitchen. You can have different colors among the basic pale tiles.

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