3 Diver Watches To Get For The Watch Connoisseur

Diver’s watches. One of the pinnacles of watch-making, diving watches are a testament to years of fine craftsmanship, decades of dedication and centuries of tradition. The fine-tuning and attention to detail done to these watches, may it be mechanical or automatic, are so rigid and strict and intricate that wearing one is like wearing a piece of art.

And most quality diver’s watches are pieces of art in their own right. A diving watch, in its most basic sense, is a watch that has underwater features. The minimum requirement being that it can be worn and withstand 1.0 MPa, which is equivalent to 100m. Most diving watches in the market today, in fact, starts at double these standards and can withstand up to 600m.

Short History

The need for diving watches has long existed alongside the need for personal watches. The pocket watches of olden times has had many iterations and were personalized to what the wearer needs. In as early as the 17th century, waterproof or at least water-resistant watches have been made.

In the 19th century, custom-made water- and dust-resistant watches were all the rage for the watchmaking industry’s more discerning buyers. These were called “explorer watches”, and they were one-offs that are akin to commissioning an haute couture gown. Divers of that age used their pocket watches to measure the time they’ve spent underneath.

Diving watches were then heavily used by people in the navy, explorers and professional divers. A Rolex watch, with its iconic “oyster” watch case, was once used by a diver to cross the English channel, and after 10 hours of being in the water, it remained highly functional and was hailed as the watch to beat, diving-wise.

Today, modern diving watches pack more punch than their ancient counterparts. With technology driving the need for evolution and innovation, watchmakers have stepped up their game in making sure that the next generation of their diving watches are as timely as they are beautiful.

But for the modern watch connoisseur, diving watches are as important as the timepieces that hold heritage and culture. As part of the elite class in watches, owning a luxury diving watch is a sign of great taste, as well as earns a certain pride and happiness for the collector. Here are 3 of the best diving watch a collector should have in his vault:

Tissot Seastar

One of the best diving watches around, Tissot marries great style with decent diving watch specs for the Seastar. Tissot has been around since watchmaking was invented, so trust and believe that you’re getting quite the deal here with the Seastar. Available as a chronograph or a powermatic, the watch carries the quintessential look of a diving watch.

A bright blue face with three dials, the Seastar is quite chunky to carry around. It’s unapologetically heavy, but it’s ceramic bezel makes up for it by resisting the common corrosion and scratches. Almost always overlooked by connoisseurs because of its unassuming qualities, it’s the perfect diving watch for a casual weekend excursion.

Oris Diver 65

Want a diving watch that can be worn on rugged terrains as well as a dress watch but won’t empty your life’s savings? The Oris Diver 65 may be the one you’re looking for. With features exclusive only to premium diver’s watches sans exorbitant prices, having one in your collection will make you look a connoisseur that values the make instead of the brand name.

And it’s no slouch in the clout department either because true blue collectors know that brand names are relative when it comes to diver’s watches. It’s no Omega or Rolex of course, but it will hold its own in a crowd. Suitable for shallower depths, the Diver 65 is relatively a newcomer in the section, but it’s one to look out for.

Panerai Submersible

Let’s get this out of the way: the Panerai Submersible is not the most handsome watch. But what it has is its own charm. Think of it as the not so popular but very good-looking guy in your class. It doesn’t need to prove it’s worth, because it’s comfortable in where it’s at. With the Submersible, Panerai perfected the art of combining old craftsmanship with new technologies.

Available in its iconic bronze and titanium colors and packing the latest in house movement, this diver’s watch can reach up to 300m. One of the few watches having a power reserve, it can last up to 3 days which is helpful in making its case as a high-end watch. It’s perfect for a day with the old gang, and  rest assured they’ll be sure to notice it in your wrists.


Connoisseurs know firsthand that collecting diver’s watches can prove to be very expensive. And not just because some of these watches are priced astronomically. There are great diver’s watches that packs all the features but not the price, and those watches are deserving of a spot in a  collector’s collection any day.



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