How a watch looks is undoubtedly very important to show the best version of yourself. Over the years, many watch manufacturers have focused on the design of their products. The result is that more and more watches are highly recognizable as belonging to a specific brand. However, if you are planning to buy a new minimalist watch, you can not limit yourself to an evaluation based on aesthetics. You must go deeper. In an era where watches are filled with new and useful features, minimalist men’s watches are recovering their charm. Here below, we will not only talk about the internal components and the technology as well as the features you should look in your next watch. We will also talk about their straps and materials.

Three types of watch movements

There are three types of watches based on their movements:

– Mechanical:

Mechanical watches function in a radically different way compared to digital ones. Models from prestige brands are made with close attention to details and skilled craftsmanship. The quality of their gear, the noise they produce, the fluidity of the clock hands… these parameters combined make these watches high-end jewels. Mechanical watches need to be recharged manually by the owner, who will become proud as times goes by to perform this ritual regularly.

– Quartz:

Quartz watches are exact. They make use of a piezoelectric technology: inside a small cylinder, there is a quartz crystal that vibrates – thanks to a small pile – and this mechanism produces a resonance. Quartz has no high installation costs and is therefore often used in mid-range and low-end models (Casio, Citizen, to name a few). However, it is also present in models with more high-end design, like Seiko.

– Automatic:

Automatic watches are unique mechanical watches that need to be recharged periodically. Thanks to the movement of the wrist and arm, these objects can accumulate energy, being able to function continuously for periods ranging from a few days to several weeks. Nomos Glashutte is one highly recognized brand for durable, automatic mechanical watches.

Automatic Buying

Three parameters to evaluate the best classic watches

01) The glass

The watch glass protects the case. Usually, in digital or low-end devices, it is made of plastic or acrylic materials, but it is easier to scratch. Going up in price, there are crystals made of mineral (tempered glass) and even of synthetic sapphire, one of the hardest and most scratch-resistant materials.

02) The case

Inside the case are all the mechanical components that control the operation of the watch. Usually, the case is in stainless steel, resistant to shocks and scratches. However, in some cases, this material can cause allergies. Titanium is a lighter material and does not give problems to the skin but is more expensive and scratches even more quickly. Gold is also used for luxury watches in 18k carat alloys, which also allow for different color combinations.

03) The strap

The appearance of the watch, its style, depends mostly on the strap. Many watches are made in nylon and rubber, so they are comfortable and waterproof. Then there are the ones with a leather strap – the most sought-after classic watches are those in ostrich and crocodile leather, and in different types of metal that guarantee continuity with the case.


Choosing the best men’s watch online is not easy. Each watch model has its specific functions, including a minimal dial or a hidden space to indicate the day or date. If you feel overwhelmed by the vast array of options available online, don’t worry. You just need to visit Weide’s official website to find the perfect watch model for your needs. Wait no further, buy today the best classic men’s watches from Weide!

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