In this article, we will show you 3 best exercises for gluteal muscles. Watch and repeat.

Whatever exercise you perform and whatever you do, the gluteal muscles are always in sight. They are the subject of attention in men and women. Therefore, the exercises presented here are what you need!

Bodyweight Glute Exercises: Features, Proper Form

Gluteus Minimus Exercises: Glute Bridge In Smith Machine

Glute Bridge In Smith Machine

This is a very popular exercise for the gluteal muscles, you can perform it both in Smith machine and just with a barbell and weight plates, but for a beginner, it will be easier to do just the option with Smith machine.

Technique of the exercise:

Lie with your back on the bench and lay the barbell on your hips. Feet are preferably placed on a platform with a height of 15-20 centimeters. Slowly lower the pelvis down and exhale lift it up.

Helpful hints:

Performing pelvic lifts without weight or with light weight does not give a good effect, so for a good result, do it with a heavy barbell, of course, if physical training allows you.

When performing a pelvic lift, the barbell can strongly press and cause discomfort, but you can solve this problem by using a regular squat roller by putting it on the barbell in advance.


Beginners: 3 sets of 15 reps.

Experienced: 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps, until muscle failure is achieved.

Glute Activation Exercises: Hip Extension

Hip Extension

Hip Extension is an isolatin exercise that is performed standing on all fours. In this exercise, the buttocks and thigh biceps are maximized. We recommend it to girls on the day of training the legs and buttocks.

Technique of the exercise:

Fasten one leg in the lower block and assume a support position on the knees and arms. The back is straight, look down. The working leg is brought up as far as possible, the knee is slightly bent. The body is motionless. Exhale when the leg is at the top.


Tighten the leg due to the gluteal muscles, i.e. tense lead her back. If you feel that you do not have tension or the load goes to the front or back of the thigh, then you need to adjust the position of the body so that the maximum load is delivered specifically to the gluteal muscles. You will definitely achieve this if you constantly “listen”, feel your body.

Do 3-4 sets, 15 repetitions.

Sumo Deadlift To Target Legs And Ass

Sumo Deadlift

Sumo deadlift is a great exercise to train a lot of muscle to get athletic light body. In this exercise, the gluteal muscles also get a good load, so we recommend it for all girls who want to have a beautiful ass.

Technique of the exercise:

Go up to the bar and place your feet much wider than your shoulders, turn your toes outward and spread your knees apart. As you exhale, pull the bar up, while inhaling, slowly return to the starting position.


Try to perform deadlift only due to the gluteal muscles, shifting the center of gravity back.

Do 3-4 sets, 8-12 repetitions.


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