4 Reasons Why Should You Call For A Chimney Repair Services

Chimney Repair Services

Every year an average American citizen spends dollars on the renovation of the house. Remodeling the whole institution for themselves, incorporating new furniture, repairing walls and painting it. However, one thing which most of them deliberately ignore is considering a chimney repair service. ‘Chimney’ which is an important aspect to look out for inside your house, be it enhancing the design or helping you survive the freezing cold winters, chimney is a vital element of your beautiful house.

Hence, once a year when you plan for renovating your house, considering spending some money for a chimney inspection and cleaning, also, repair the damage if need be.

Is a chimney sweep worth it?

Let’s discuss if an annual expenditure of $200-$300 which a regular chimney inspection and sweeping will cost you worth it? So,

According to the National Fire Protection Associate,

  1. In the years 2015, USA reported 1,345,500 cases of fires which were a whopping 3.7% more than the cases reported in 2014. This fires lead to the death of 3280 civilians and 15700 civilians were severely injured. Also, the damage to property accounted for $14.3 billion. Thats a huge amount, and all these loses just to save a mere $200 annual expense.
  2. In the USA between the year 2009-2013, the fire’s from heating equipment accounted for 16% deaths of the total no of deaths reported because of house fire.
  3. Space heaters or other heating alternates account for three out of five deaths caused due to house fire, these deaths account for 84% of civilians death.
  4. Fires due to heaters cause 52% of direct property damage and 75% of civilians injuries in reported house fire cases.
  5. 30% of all home heating fire were caused due to failure to clean chimneys and other heating equipments.

Moreover, if the prevailing damage is not treated soon, the cost of repairing might increase to $3000-$4000 if chimney not repaired on time of occurring.

Calculate the losses and compare it with the expenditure, you will find out that the $300 annually is a much safer and economical option.

Here are 4 reasons why you should call a chimney repair guy

  1. As stated above, thousands of people die every year to save a small amount spent on chimney cleaning.
  2. If the chimney damage is not repaired the cost might increase from $300 to $3000 increasing the expense to ten times the initial cost.
  3. Prevents pollution due to smoke which is caused due to incomplete combustion during burning.
  4. Makes your heating system efficient- by cleaning your chimney you revive the potential working capabilities of the chimney again.

We hope our blog gives a convincing notion about why should spend some dollars for your chimney maintenance.

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