The Amazon FBA program is an initiative launched by Amazon to help sellers reach a global audience and streamline items’ shipment. Short for Fulfillment by Amazon, the FBA program allows sellers to send their stock to an Amazon warehouse. Amazon then handles shipping, storage, and returns in return for some of the profit. The stock is listed on Amazon’s site and lets independent business owners sell to a worldwide audience.

Once you’ve set up an Amazon FBA business, however, it can be hard knowing how to scale it effectively. So with that in mind, here are four different ways to help grow your Amazon FBA business.  

Make Sure Your Reviews Are Showing Up

Positive reviews on your product are an essential part of a customer’s purchase, so it can be confusing if they don’t show up. Before you start frantically googling “Amazon review not showing up strategies,” it’s important to note that reviews from users can take a while to come in. Often there’s a limit on the number of reviews for new products, but luckily it’s mostly temporary. Sometimes reviews can take time to come in if Amazon detects unusual reviewing behavior, and reviews can often be deleted if they break user guidelines or delete their account.

It can often be worth encouraging users to leave a review for your product, but you can’t ask them to leave specifically a positive review as this is a breach of guidelines.  

Get Your Products Seen

There are many products on Amazon from a lot of different sellers, so if you want to get your product seen above everyone else’s, you may need to take an extra few steps. Amazon has a program called ‘Amazon Sponsored Products,’ which helps advertise your products and gets them seen by a larger pool of people. As with most services, it costs money, but you only pay when your ads are clicked, making it a low risk, high reward endeavor.

If you haven’t already, making your products open to the global market is another must. There are 13 global marketplaces and sellers are allowed to ship to them with Amazon Global Shipping. It can be set up with a few clicks in your account and can definitely be worth it.

Utilize Amazon Prime

Millions of Amazon Users are Prime members, meaning there is a hefty audience to cater to if you utilize Prime in your selling. If you offer prime benefits with your items, buyers are more likely to choose your item over the non-prime counterparts as they can get quick shipping. There is also Prime Now, which ships items to buyers in 1-4 hours. Amazon’s FBA sellers can sign up for this service and offer it with their products, but it’s only recommended you do this if your business is stable and you easily ship more stock to Amazon when needed.

Perfect Your Amazon Listings

Making sure you’re listings are the best they can be is essential in getting more sales. Make sure your items are competitively priced compared to other listings of the same item. Also, ensure you’re listing has a comprehensive breakdown of the item with no spelling or grammatical mistakes to make selling your items more likely.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve set yourself up with the FBA program, these four steps should help you elevate your selling game to the next level. A lot of these tips require very little time or effort, but the influence they have on your business can be massive. 


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