4 Ways You Can Improve Your Company’s Local SEO Efforts

Local SEO is important for businesses that are small or medium enterprises, and operate on a regional level instead of a national or international stage. Whereas national SEO strategies focus on improving search engine rankings all over the country, local SEO strategies focus on improving rankings in only a specific location. For businesses limited by their operating capacity – such as a hair salon, a fresh milk farm, etc. – local SEO strategies are great as not only are they easier to implement, they also target all their target audience and potential customers.

Local SEO strategies focus on marketing a brand, company, its products and services to local leads and potential customers within its operating region. If you aren’t well-versed in the art of local SEO, you should seek help in local SEO services by Impressive Digital. Listed below are four ways how you can improve your company’s local SEO rankings:

1. By creating a Google My Business Account

By creating and optimizing your business’ Google listing or business profile, you can ensure that you rank higher on Google Maps in addition to Google’s search engine. Not only does filling out and regularly updating your business listing on Google help you gain visibility, it also overtime improves your ranking according to Google’s search crawlers. In order to create and update your listing, you need to create a business account on Google. Once done, you can proceed to add information about your business such as its name, address, operating hours, logo, products or services you provide, etc.

2. By seeking good reviews on your business

You should ask your happy and regular customers to write you a review on Google as it would greatly help your business listing gain some visibility. Not only do potential customers read reviews before purchasing something from a place for the first time, they also tend to trust businesses that have a lot of reviews on Google. It encourages your potential customers to purchase from you and hence you should ask your regulars or satisfied customers to write something about you.

3. By including locally relevant content on your website

You should include locally relevant content on your website that includes relevant events, news stories or general blogs. Not only is such content likely to capture your local audience’s attention, it is also likely to help you rank higher on Google’s search engine. Try writing blog posts about local news, local events, etc. and try to support local charities through your blogs. If you operate in multiple localities exclusively in one particular region, you should also consider creating a webpage defining offered services for each of those localities. This would improve your SEO score and help you rank higher in each locality. If you’re looking to ramp up your local SEO efforts, you can get in touch with Rank Nearby.

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4. By using locally relevant keywords

Your keywords should be relevant to your local audience and you may take help from a Google tool called Keyword Planner that allows you to filter keywords on the basis of location which makes you understand which terms are popular in a given region. You can then create a list of relevant long-tail keywords that are both popular in your locality and suit your business, products and services. You should also ensure that these keywords appear on your website, its meta descriptions, and URLs to ensure you rank higher on Google’s search engine for those keywords.


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