This Gen Z generation or the generation of millennials seems to be struggling so much with the triviality of life. It is all about wanting to do so many things but falls short because of the lack of time, mood, or money.

You believe in 9-5 week jobs and weekend parties but at the same time wish for stability all the time. Stuck between sexy bodies and junk food? You hit the gym every morning but your sleep cycle is just messed up. Want night outs but also crave the beauty sleep. And, spend the next day in distress when somebody asks about well-being just by seeing your dull face.

Ahem! I know beauty sleep is just a fantasy for such a compact schedule. And, so Uniqaya has the Best Night Repair Cream. A real blessing that works miraculously for every skin type at every age.

You must be wondering why just night creams. The night is the perfect time for your body to rejuvenate. Your skin repairs and recovers itself in this time and gets prepared for the next morning. So, the next time, you go to sleep, pamper yourself a little with a good night repair cream. You won’t regret it, believe me.

5 Amazing Facts of Night Repair Cream

Let’s burst some of your myths related to the best night repair cream and for those who still believe that it is just like any other day cream, you still need to explore so much. Here, let’s help you with that. 

1. Night Creams are Anti-ageing

Yes, makeup can hide your wrinkles, acne, and whatnot. It can give you a whole new transformation. But your skin still requires nourishment more than anything else in this world. We are so much into fashion and makeup hacks that sometimes, we even forget to remove makeup before going to bed which harms the face at another level. There are so many ingredients in our night repair cream that works with the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. The task which a beauty sleep does for us can also be enhanced with the right night cream. 

2. Day Creams and Night Creams are Different

Well! I know you must be thinking that it’s just another rumor by the beauty industry. No, it is not. There is a slight difference between both of these creams which makes a huge impact on your face. A day cream is generally lighter so that it can be applied under makeup. Meanwhile, it may also contain SPF to protect your skin from excessive heat and dust. On the contrary, Night repair cream is usually richer so can be heavier to revitalize and regenerate your skin. 

Night Creams Hydrate

3. Night Creams Hydrate

Dry skin? Need some extra moisture? Before going to bed, pat a little amount of your Best night repair cream on the face, and voila! Your skin is shining and hydrating the next morning. Night creams work wonders for the rough and patchy skin. A good night cream must be a companion for your skin if you want a glowing face for the longest time. These creams not just give the external glow but also, regenerate the skin internally.

4. Night repair cream helps in better blood circulation

Now, you can have a night repair cream that improves your blood circulation. That means a good blood flow will provide a good supply of oxygen and nutrients to each cell of your body. This will ultimately lead to glowing skin. Additionally, the aroma of night cream is so soothing that it relaxes the mind without hitting too much for better sleep. Eventually, wrinkles and other marks on your face will get reduced and you will look young, fresh, and free. So, don’t delay. Buy your own best night repair cream and see its magic. Still, confused? Uniqaya will help you to choose.

5. Nights Creams are for every age group

I am too young for this. I am too old for that. We, torture ourselves a lot by doing this. Let me tell you a fact about a night repair cream so that you don’t put yourself again in the same doubtful situation. Listen, you are neither too young nor too old to apply a night cream. It is just there to replenish and freshen up your skin. Slowly and steadily understands how much cream your skin requires and do accordingly. You are open to using night repair cream as you hit your mid or late 20s.

Nights Creams are for every age group

The bottom  line

I know, you’ve worked a lot the whole day. Now, it’s time to pamper yourself with the best night cream for oily skin. Remove your makeup; wash your face with normal water. Softly, dry your face and dab a little amount of night cream on it. Gently massage in an upward motion. Now, let your skin breathe in the air of love and have a good night’s sleep! 


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