What effect does a new exhaust system have?

The Toyota Hilux has a reputation for being the unbreakable workhorse vehicle of Australia. It can be used for anything ranging from mine site work to recreational 4×4 adventures. That being said, the Hilux has always been a little underpowered. But this can be changed by installing a brand new performance exhaust system for your Hilux.

Installing a new exhaust system doesn’t just make your 4×4 Toyota Hilux look and sound cool. There are also many benefits that performance exhaust system will bring to your vehicle.

These benefits can be broken down into the following 5 categories.

Better Sound

Your new performance exhaust system will give your Toyota Hilux a more aggressive sound. You know the one I’m talking about – a deep rumbling noise, which sounds awesome. The sound will vary depending on which performance exhaust system you go with and is determined by the size of the exhaust pipes you choose. The deep rumbling noise that comes from a performance exhaust system is created through the larger exhaust pipes it uses when compared to the average stock model.

Better Style

Your default stock exhaust system will do the exhaust system’s job of removing dirty air from the engine. An aftermarket performance exhaust system will also do it, but with style. The cool stainless-steel finish and deep rumbling noise from your aftermarket exhaust system will make your Toyota Hilux look and sound like an absolute beast.

Better Horsepower

An exhaust system’s job is to remove dirty air from your engine. A performance exhaust system simply does this job more efficiently. When your engine can breathe better, it is able to draw in more air with each cycle. This increases the power of your engine giving your better horsepower. If you’re looking for the ultimate performance from your Toyota Hilux, then a performance exhaust system is a must.

Better Fuel Economy

A performance exhaust system does a better job of maintaining optimal air levels in your engine. This is important as dirty air in your engine will cause it to need to consume extra fuel to compensate. Fuel economy has been reported to improve 1-2% from installing an aftermarket performance exhaust system.

Better Longevity

The material of an exhaust system directly affects the strength and lifespan of the system. Stainless steel is a considerably superior material. If you go with a stainless-steel aftermarket exhaust system, your exhaust system will be protected from rust and be extremely resistant to wear from high temperatures.

A performance exhaust system for your Toyota Hilux won’t just make it look and sound cool, it will also improve performance and durability. PPD Performance are the leaders in 4×4 performance stainless steel exhausts. If you are looking for to transform your Hilux into a absolute beast, visit their website to browse their extensive range of 4×4 performance exhausts.