5 Best Brief Advices


  1. For Girls: You want more romance? Give him more sex. Try having sex every night after night after night after night until he begs you to stop.
  2. For Guys: You want more sex? Give her more romance. (Romance her like Don Juan. Like Romeo. Like Clark Gable. Romance her every day in every way. Romance her using every single idea in this book and then think up one thousand and one more ways to be romantic. And she’ll give you all the sex you could ever dream of.)
  3. Best way to create more time in your life: Shoot your TV.
  4. Use gifts and presents to express love and appreciation. Don’t use them to apologize after a fight or make up for some dumb thing you’ve done. This strategy eventually backfires.
  5. The unasked-for gift is most appreciated. The surprise gift is most cherished.

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