Bulldogs, especially the French Bulldogs, are some of the most popular small dog breeds by dog enthusiasts. Commonly referred to as Frenchie, the French Bulldog is known for their bow-legged walk and bat-like ears. Frenchie’s are of different colors but have the same goofy personality which pet owners, especially kids, find most appealing. 

French Bulldog is a relatively small dog compared to most dog breeds. An adult French Bulldog ranges from small to medium, and this dramatically affects the type and amount of food it should take. Overfeeding or underfeeding your dog could have devastating effects. 

Age is also a factor when choosing the kind of food to give to your pet. Although there isn’t much difference in their sizes, different stages require specific nutrients from the dog food. A French Bulldog puppy (below twelve months old) needs a diet rich in Calcium for bone strengthening and high protein levels for growth. An adult Frenchie, usually above twelve months of age, requires a minimum of eighteen percent protein. A senior Frenchie above ten years old requires a diet of fewer calories and more protein.

Note: French Bulldogs are a little big to be in the small dog size category and are small for the medium-size category. This size difference makes it difficult to determine the number of calories per pond in the dog food that your Frenchie requires. It is prudent to seek your vet’s opinion to avoid health complications like obesity in the future.

Your Best Options for Feeding Your French Bulldog

A vet will always come in handy, especially with regards to the diet of your pet. Regardless of the company, not all food labeled “best for French Bulldog” is good. Some dog foods contain nutrients that are either non-beneficial, harmful, or maybe just insufficient for your dog. Carefully analyze the ingredients in the dog meal and relate them to your specifications to determine its suitability. Below are some of the most preferred Dog food for your French Bulldog.

1. Pure Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon

Pure Wild-caught sockeye salmon is a product of Cornucopia Organic Pet Foods. Cornucopia treats (fruits, vegetables, and meat) are 100% natural. Their Dog food formulas are checked and certified by Dr. Broderick, a licensed Veterinarian with over 50 years of practice. It has the best quality non-GMO and human-grade ingredients. It contains a can of wild-caught sockeye salmon with its natural juices.

Main ingredients: 100% Wild-caught sockeye salmon fish and salmon oil (natural).


  • No euthanasia drugs of any kind are present.
  • No Hormones, Pesticides, or Herbicides
  • No preservatives
  • 100 percent organic
  • Available in 12.8oz or the new 6.0oz cans
  • 100% manufactured in the USA

2. Chicken & Egg Dinner

Chicken and Egg Diner is also a product of Cornucopia pet foods. It contains all-natural and organic foods. This pet food is suitable for both cats and dogs and is 100% safe, including a high protein profile and low sugar and carbohydrates.

Chicken and egg dinner is just real food that cats, and dogs eat. Dr. Broderick himself eats the food often as one of his favorite delicacies. It is essential to recognize that chicken and egg dinner is recommended for dogs of all ages, giving them nutrients for long healthy life. This pet meal is easy to digest and has preventive nutrition.

Main ingredients include organic chicken, organic tomatoes, organic carrots, and organic pumpkin.


  • No farmed fish
  • No GMO
  • No antibiotics
  • No Preservatives and added sugars
  • No Euthanasia drugs
  • Gluten-free
  • Zero wheat, soy, or corn content
  • Zero meal or food waste.

3. Superbowl for Dogs—ORGANIC

Superbowl for dogs is designed for French Bulldogs of all ages and exceeds nutritional needs to provide the cleanest, most non-toxic high protein recipe with extremely minimum quantities of carbs, no fillers, and no sugar, so you get more for your money! The product is certified by Oregon Tilth, a third-party organic certifying organization, guaranteeing that every ingredient utilized is of the greatest quality and purity for your dog.

Main ingredients: Certified organic chicken, organic sweet potatoes, organic pumpkin, organic sweet potatoes, and organic carrots.


  • No by-products
  • No antibiotics and other drugs
  • No added sugars
  • Gluten-free
  • No farmed fish
  • No added flavors

4. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition French Bulldog Dry Puppy Food

Royal Canin is one of the popular picks of French Bulldogs. It is most effective for puppies that are just passing the twelve-month mark. Royal Canin’s recipe has chicken and rice with a touch of dried beef pulp.  The formula maintains a balance in the flora of the digestive system. Vitamins like Folic acid and minerals like zinc oxide and Calcium iodate promote strong bones and teeth and a healthy coat. The size of the pellets prevents the puppies from choking.

Main ingredients: Chicken by-product, dried plain beef pulp, Brewer’s Rice, Chicken Fat, and Wheat.


  • The pellets are designed for short-muzzled and square jaw dogs
  • No added sugar
  • No added water content
  • No Euthanasia drugs

5. Canidae Grain-Free Pure Healthy Weight Chicken and Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food.

Frenchie is known for its notorious nature of being gassy, meaning certain foods will trigger them to be gassy, making the dog uncomfortable, especially after meals. French Bulldog owners should mainly include whole food in their companion’s diet to improve the digestibility of the food and keep the dog comfortable. The Canidae Grain Free Recipe offers a taste of real chicken, vitamins, and turkey. This meal is often a preference for the dog to the knowledge of an observant pet owner. Dogs love the meal because it is delicious to them. 

Main Ingredients: Chicken, turkey meat, chicken fat, potatoes, and garbanzo beans.


  • No wheat, corn, or soy
  • Packed with premium, clean proteins
  • Perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Zero euthanasia drugs.
  • No antibiotics
  • Zero additives.
  • No added sugar.
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