Omnichannel is an approach in which all communication and sales channels of a company are connected with each other. For example, you can go to the website of an online store and order the delivery of the item you need from a physical point of sale. Omni-channel marketing allows you not to lose leads when moving between channels. Use of leadgen services — Various website widgets (capture forms, callback buttons), automation solutions. With an omni-channel system, you will be visible on every platform – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. It means that you can buy Instagram views and then promote products not only on Instagram but also on YouTube and other platforms to increase the conversion rate. With the help of lead generation services, you can, for example, send users a welcome letter with information about promotions or a reminder about an abandoned cart.

Regularly check the usability of the site to increase the conversion to the application

A usability audit of your pages and landings is essential if you don’t want to lose leads and purchases. A site visitor in 70% of cases will refuse to purchase and close the page if he does not like the site. Leaving a landing page is easier than looking for a convenient form of payment, shipping information, and an “add to cart” button. What must be on the site:

  • clear search on the site and the catalog of goods;
  • large and detailed product cards with descriptions and pictures;
  • all possible forms of payment, including one-click;
  • contacts, map, prices, information on how you can get a product or service;
  • navigation, the ability to return to previous pages or go to the main menu.

Work with the semantics of the site and contextual campaigns to get more leads and sales from search

A well-assembled semantic core is a help in the work of a marketer. It can be used to:

  • It is better to think over the architecture of the site;
  • Optimize pages and get more traffic from search;
  • Create a content plan for the blog and social networks;
  • Collect working advertising campaigns in context.

Automate data collection and reporting

An ideal report on running ads will show how individual ads and keywords worked, and whether it was possible to achieve the set indicators for attracting applications and sales for the period under review. What should be in a good marketing report:

Metrics across the funnel: how the ad worked, how much the application and purchase cost, how much profit was received from advertising costs;

Dynamics of indicators: what was achieved and where it was not possible to achieve the goals. Marketers can spend up to 4 hours a week collecting information on ad campaign conversions alone. And the more launches, the more reports you need.


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