5 Best Spy Softwares for Windows

Let’s admit, these days, our Windows PC grants cyber world access at our home. The cyber-world is vast, and it’s a home for lots of different things, including both bad and good. If your computer is shared with others or let’s say you have kids, then it becomes essential to keep track of what websites they visit. Detect a keylogger in your windows system to protect your privacy.

Let’s admit, sometimes, installing a cybersecurity or internet security software is not enough to prevent cyber-bullies, pornography, and other types of violent acts on the internet. And this is why parents often choose to use PC Monitoring or a Spy software.

If you are running an offline business that is based on digital work, then it becomes crucial to have proper spy apps. You can use Windows spy apps to monitor everything happening on your computer screen. Therefore, in this article, we have decided to share a list of best Spy software for Windows.

Top 5 Best Spy Softwares For Windows

It’s worth to note that there are plenty of Windows Spy apps available out there, but not all of them are worth your time and attention. So, in this article, we have listed the software that was popular and trustable. So, let’s check out the best spy software for Windows.

1. Win-Spy

Win-Spy is one of the best and top-rated PC Monitoring/Spy software available on the internet that you can use today. With Win-Spy, you can easily spy on any computer, phone calls, emails, skype calls, chats, etc. What’s more interesting is that Win-Spy also grabs the GPS location in real-time. So, Win-Spy is one of the best Spy software for Windows that you can use today.

2. Webwatcher

Well, Webwatcher is basically a PC Monitoring suite which can be used to track everything happening on the computer screen. Just install the software on the computer, and it will track everything. You can watch the feeds from another computer or from a mobile web browser. If we talk about the features, Webwatcher can easily record emails, attachments, IM/Chat conversations, screenshots, etc. Not only that, but it’s also capable enough to block inappropriate or adult websites as well.

3. FIREWORLD Controller

Ever wanted to know what other peoples are doing with your computer? If yes, then you need to give FIREWORLD Controller a try. Some say that it’s a keylogger, but its a PC Monitoring tool that can be used to monitor a computer in real-time. It’s basically a software to spy on the real-time activity of the computer like which websites were being visited, software being used, etc.

4. PC Tattletale

Well, if you are already using spy software, but looking for an alternative, then you need to give PC Tattletale a try. The software deals with one of the biggest challenges of spy software – staying undetected. The software is pretty easy to install, and once installed, it just dissolves into the background and stays there. From the background, it captures all activity. So, PC Tattletale is one of the best spy software for Windows that you can use today.

5. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is the lat spy software for Windows on the list that you can consider. With Net Nanny, you can easily monitor every online activity that’s happening on the PC’s screen. Apart from that, it offers robust features like web filtering, website blocking, scheduling, remote access, IM Logging, etc.

So, these are the five best PC Spy Softwares 2019 that you can use today. If you think that the article misses any important software or if you want to add any, let us know in the comment box below.


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