In this article, we are going to discuss various ways to earn money online by using affiliate marketing. Hands-down affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses that one could start online without investing any money.

This is one of the reasons why many people are indulging in affiliate marketing rather than starting their own eCommerce website or any other business. Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting other brands’ products on your social media handles and earning a certain amount of commission out of every sale.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

While YouTube directly pays the content creators for making original videos, there are more ways to earn money on YouTube. Basically, you want audiences to click on the link which you have shared. What could be better than having a YouTube channel which grabs most of the eyeballs compared to any other social media handles?

There are many different ways of making videos on YouTube and one of the most popular ways is having a listicle. If you want to share more affiliate links into one single video then the best way is to share listicles in your description.

It is important to mention that you will be getting a certain amount of commission from each sale in the description while sharing the affiliate links. If you notice almost every listicles that share the top 10 list of kitchen appliances or top 10 list of Smartphones there are always affiliated links of Amazon or any other affiliate program in the description.

In fact, they are affiliate marketing programs such as WhatsWorth that allow the influencers to get products for absolutely free. Upon approval of your application on this affiliate marketing program, the merchant will provide you with a free product for you to use and provide honest feedback.

Blog / Website

Besides YouTube, you can also start your own website or your own blog. While you can earn money through a Google AdSense account you can also start earning money by adding affiliate marketing links into your blog and increasing your audience with your write-up to click on those links and buy those products.

However, I don’t recommend any beginner to buy any expensive domain or hosting. If you are a student or you have just begun your affiliate marketing journey, then I would recommend you to start with a basic hosting plan or even create a website for absolutely free on platforms such as WordPress and Wix.

Social Media

If you don’t want to start your own website or blog and if you are not confident enough to write major articles then you can write short captions on social media and share the product details. However, it is important to have a niche based on social media accounts in order to ensure that your audience is right for the products that you are sharing.

If you don’t have niche-based Social media handles then your audience might not rely on the information that you are saying about the product. For instance, if you are sharing about coffee then I would recommend you to share all your posts related to coffee or even food but if you start sharing related to technology then your audience might not be able to connect with your content on a regular basis.

Email List

If you want to promote an affiliate marketing product that is related to corporate or any particular topic that has a database available to you then you can also start sending affiliate marketing links via Email.

You don’t always need to have a blog or spend time on social media. If you believe in having enough email IDs in order to reach the target then this is one of the most fruitful ways that affiliate marketing works.

For instance, if you have a corporate database of people who are not aware of Grammarly then you can sign up for the Grammarly affiliate marketing program and encourage the entire database to sign up for Grammarly and you will earn $0.20 on each signup.

On the other hand, if you manage to make the entire database sign up for a premium of Grammarly then you will get $20 for each person. This way you don’t have to use your social media account or you don’t have to write on the blog in order to explain any product and simply white at once in an email and send it across to the entire database.

Referral Affiliate

If you want to make a recurring commission then I would highly recommend you to go for a full affiliate marketing program as it allows you to earn money by referring someone to a specific program.

For instance, besides sharing products, if you make someone register on WhatsWorth,  then you will also get a fixed amount of money from the program. This way you don’t promote a particular product but you are promoting the entire program and encouraging people to sign up on their websites.


In conclusion, I would like to mention that no matter which method you choose to start an affiliate marketing program it is highly recommended to stay consistent on every platform otherwise your audience might start unfollowing you quickly.

It is a no-brainer considering the social media content that people have less attention span because of which if you aren’t posting on a regular basis the audience will simply divert to someone else.

You also need to make sure that the content you are providing to your audience is either entertaining or it is informative. I understand it is difficult to create new content on a daily basis because of which you can visit informative websites that provide you with new content such as 5 Best Things

You can easily find content related to business, entertainment, travel, fitness, and so on. Ensure that the content idea you take is converted into original content otherwise, you might get plagiarism with issues in the future.

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