5 Companies Changing The World

As the world advances in technology, the impact is felt across a wide range of industries and spheres of life. The ability of companies to harness technology in a dynamic world is becoming more important by the day not just for driving returns on investment, but also in making an impact on the society and improving life in general. Today, many companies are spearheading the drive to change the world through renewable energy products and services that help realize the goals of a cleaner and healthier environment.

This article focuses on some companies that offer renewable energy technology, environmental, health, and food services.

1. Zipline

Zipline is a company that carries out the delivery of medical products using high-tech drones. With its headquarters in California, Zipline manufactures and operates drones to assist hospitals and other health facilities deliver drugs, blood and vaccines quickly. Powered by rechargeable batteries, the drones have reduced the use of gasoline-powered vehicles/motorcycles for delivery purposes in countries like Rwanda and Ghana.

2. Lumos

Lumos is among the top renewable energy companies in the world today. Harnessing the available renewable energy options such as thermal and solar solutions, Lumos offers affordable, clean and safe electricity to people. Currently, the market figure is estimated to be about 1.3 billion people who are in need of a technological solution that meets their energy needs. Lumos is reaching more people around Africa with affordable solar electricity but that is not the only impact they are making in Africa. In line with the goal and vision to see a safer, cleaner and healthier environment, Lumos also engages in periodic cleanup exercises in different communities. These cleanups are done by staff and volunteers. Recently, in the month of September 2019, Lumos partnered with Mondo4Africa to clean up Makoko, a community of dwellers on the coast of Lagos. The cleanup exercise shows the commitment of the company to providing renewable electricity as well as helping communities develop a cleaner environment.

Providing renewable energy for people that are living off the grid is an important contribution to community growth and development that is gradually getting more attention and input not just from companies but individuals as well. As companies and brands continue to reach more people with impactful solutions, living conditions are sure to improve.

3. AliveCor

AliveCor is another company that offers medical products. AliveCor designs, manufacture, and operate the first smartphone-operated electrocardiogram which monitors the heartbeat of users. In, as little as, a minute, users can get real-time advice on the need to visit a doctor as well as get an instant alert on an abnormal heart rate. In our world where sudden cardiovascular issues kill a lot of people, AliveCor is helping us get ahead of sudden fatal heart issues.

4. Amcor

Amcor is among the top producers of packaging for food, beverage, home care products, pharmaceuticals, medical products, etc. in our world today. Using bio-based materials, Amcor is focused on reducing the world’s already high carbon footprint. Another way Amcor is making an impact is in recycling materials and also have an annual international coastal cleanup that is focused on protecting marine life by clearing as many plastics and non-degradable materials from coastlines as possible.

5. Apple

Apple is no stranger to the world anymore and while they are making great strides in the world of mobile phones and computers, the company is also committed to improving the way we use renewable energy. Apple is almost entirely run on renewable energy sources and they are still focused on improving the margin in the future. In fact, they have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research into improving energy use.


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