5 Disadvantages of Going to Parties in LA

5 Disadvantages of Going to Parties in LA

Hitting up the high life in L.A. can be tempting, but it’s not always the best choice. There are dangers to embracing the party lifestyle.

There are also many other ways to have fun in L.A. that don’t involve partying. It would be a shame to miss out on all the city has to offer.

Here are five reasons you should choose not to party.

1. Expensive

Drugs and alcohol cost money.

There are better ways to spend your money. Drug addiction can lead to financial problems. Most addicts’ finances spiral out of control quickly.

You’ve worked hard to earn and save your money. It would be a shame to waste it on things that won’t last. Invest your money in experiences instead.

Rehab isn’t cheap, either, and many insurances don’t cover it.

It will be hard to further your career if you’re partying all the time. A bit of socializing is good for work. It can help you find connections.

However, you won’t be able to concentrate on work if you’re always hungover or recovering from a crazy weekend. This means that you won’t be getting that raise you’ve been hoping for.

Save your money and make memories that matter.

2. Addictive

Drugs and alcohol are addictive.

Most drug users don’t know when to stop after trying something just once. Parties usually have a culture of drug consumption that isn’t healthy.

If you’re worried about your habits, seek treatment for addiction before it becomes a bigger problem. Not all substance abuse leads to addiction.

Think about how often you drink and use drugs. There’s nothing wrong with moderate alcohol consumption. Smoking a joint every now and again isn’t that harmful either.

However, if you’re doing it all the time, that’s not good.

Ask your friends how much they use. They might have a problem, too. Addiction is more likely to surface when there is a culture of abuse.

You might have to cut some friends out of your life.

That isn’t an easy decision, and it isn’t fun. But your main priority should be your health and sobriety. If your friends don’t support that lifestyle, then they might not really be your friends.

Look out for signs of addiction before it becomes a full-blown problem.

3. Dangerous

Alcohol and other drugs can be deadly.

You never know what you are putting in your body. For all you know that drug or drink could be laced with something more dangerous.

Your life is not something you should take risks with.

Even if your friends do it, that doesn’t make it safe. They probably don’t know what they are doing. And their bodies are different from yours.

They probably have a better tolerance than you do. Or they are just lucky.

An overdose is not the only dangerous aspect of drugs. When you’re high, you aren’t able to act rationally. You won’t be able to make good decisions.

Those around you won’t be able to make good choices. You can’t rely on friends who are also high or drunk. Set a good example and be the sober one.

Don’t put yourself in any situation where you don’t feel comfortable.

4. Missing Out

There’s a lot more to life than partying.

California alone has so many things to offer. Take a day trip from L.A. to the beach or one of the national parks. Do some sightseeing.

L.A. is an amazing place to live. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the rest of it. It’s also time for the city to break away from the stereotype.

Unfortunately, most people associate L.A. with Hollywood and excessive partying. There are some good reasons for that. The party culture does exist.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Show people that there is more to your hometown. And show them that there is more to your life.

Your best memories probably won’t come from partying.

5. Unhealthy

Alcohol and drugs just aren’t healthy.

Addicts are more likely to die from heart disease, organ malfunctions, or overdoses. They are also more likely to have other health problems.

Prioritize your health. Make good decisions and eat healthy food.

Don’t put unnecessary stress on your body. You will feel better and thank yourself. There’s no way your body can sustain partying every week.

Set a good example for your family and friends. Find activities like hiking or surfing that don’t involve partying.

There are other ways to have fun.


There’s nothing wrong with having a good time. Partying all the time, however, is not a great life choice.

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