If you’re a pet owner on the lookout for a new place to call home, chances are you want to find a place where your furry friend will feel as welcome much as you do. Moving can be stressful, especially when you have a pup to care for as you navigate the journey. Fortunately, companies like U.S. Self Storage have storage units all around the country, so you’ll always have a place to keep your belongings safe while you figure out exactly where you’ll be living next. As for a pup paradise, you should know that there are tons of dog-friendly cities in the United States. Here are five of the best places for dog lovers to call home. 

1. San Diego, California

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Dubbed by many as a pet paradise, San Diego has tons of dog-friendly hang outs. From parks and walking trails to dog-friendly beaches, you can enjoy the beautiful California weather with the whole family. San Diego also offers events like dog surfing competitions and Doggie Yoga classes that will put your pooch in the spotlight.

If you do relocate to San Diego, rest assured that you’ll have plenty of room for your dog’s surfboards and other toys. Storage units in San Diego are plentiful, with storage facilities in reasonable distance to most parks and public beaches. Storage units are also handy for keeping harnesses and leashes in a safe spot when you aren’t using them.

2. Denver, Colorado 

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If you enjoy the mountains, Denver may be the perfect city to move with your canine companion. There are tons of dog-friendly spaces in Denver, including several dog parks, hotels that allow pets, and outdoor walking trails. The city of Denver also has a page on their website full of information for dog owners including things to do with your pooch in the city and dog-friendly where you can hang out together.

3. Portland, Oregon

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For fans of dog parks, Portland boasts 33 of these off-leash spaces—more than any major city in the US. You’ll have plenty of beautiful locations to choose from for walks with your pooch as you enjoy the scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Portland also has many pet-friendly restaurants and activities for dog lovers, such as meetups for specific breeds.

When taking your pooch for their walk, make sure they have the protection they need to stay safe. If you have a large dog, a harness for dogs that pull will give you more control over your pup so you have one less thing to worry about. Harnesses also distribute pressure from your dog’s neck to your dog’s chest and back, meaning it’s the best option for comfort and won’t choke your pup. For smaller dogs, with more delicate necks, a vest-style harness is a good idea to make sure that the dog collar doesn’t damage your pet’s trachea if they try to pull away when you’re on a walk.

4. Seattle, Washington 

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Seattle consistently tops lists for the best pet-friendly cities to live. From numerous pet-friendly restaurants to pet-inclusive city policies, it’s no surprise that dog lovers consider Seattle a great place to live. In fact, Seattle actually has more dogs than children!

Despite the rainy climate, Seattle also boasts plenty of outdoor activities that encourage doggie participation, such as kayak rentals and dog-friendly boat rides. If the weather is rainy you’re free to take your pooch on public transit including buses and ferries. 

5. Chicago, Illinois 

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Last, but certainly not least, Chicago is one of the most friendly cities for dog owners in the country. Local restaurants often leave out water bowls for passing dogs to stop for drinks, there’s a designated dog beach on Lake Michigan, and Chicago’s baseball team holds a Dog Day event every year. Chicago is also known for its picturesque lakeside trails and its unique elevated path for walkers, so you’re sure to have a great deal of memorable walks with your pup. 

Having a four-legged family member brings unique responsibilities, especially when moving to a new city. Aside from looking up dog-friendly events and locations, you want to be sure to do research on the actual space where you plan to live. 

Depending on your landlord or type of housing, there may be certain requirements that can keep you from bringing your furry friend along for your move, such as breed or large dog restrictions. Make sure you have any permits and pet deposits you need upon move-in so you don’t face penalties. The best way to avoid any fees or evictions is to take the time to find the most pet-friendly location that’s accessible to you. 

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