An engagement or wedding ring is a choice that stays with you throughout your life. These endearing rings sit on your fingers all the time everywhere you go. These are the symbol of love that you share with your partner and represent a promise of lifelong togetherness. A rose gold morganite ring in Australia is one of the most popular choices for both modern and old-school couples. With its incredible appeal and versatility, rose gold is rapidly taking over traditional pure yellow gold, especially in engagement rings.

One of the biggest reasons for this preference shift is that rose gold is trendy and still equally satisfies your craving for vintage style. Although white gold and platinum are great options for a modern classy look, nothing fits a trendy and chic style better than rose gold.

When it comes to picking the right gemstone, people are more clear about white and yellow gold, and most struggle with rose gold. It can be intricate to pair a gemstone with rose gold that not only looks good but also goes well with your style. Here are some gemstones apart from the famous morganite that does wonders with rose gold rings.

Pink sapphire

If you want your ring to be subtle yet capture the eyeballs, pink sapphire is the gemstone to go with. It is undeniable that any gemstone with a pink tint blends with rose gold perfectly, the pink sapphire stands out for its incredible beauty and clarity. A pink sapphire as the center stone on a ring is unsurpassable while it also elevates the appeal of a ring as an accent to the center. These are a great replacement for the rare pink diamonds.

Bold red ruby

Nothing can boost the look and appeal of a rose gold ring as the ruby does. The bold red of this gemstone amazingly complements the subtle pink tint of rose gold to create a wonderful harmony that stays with you for enduring times. The combination creates a look that is not just pleasant but also gives the ring a modest luxury. You can also add diamonds to the halo of the ring to enhance the bright color of ruby and make it stand out.

Red Garnet

Garnet, another red gemstone, not as vivid as the red ruby, makes your rose gold ring more captivating. Despite its bold color, it gives a more gentle and low tone appeal to rose gold. If you are looking for a distinguished combination that is unique and soft to the eyes, red garnet with rose gold is ideal for you.

The blue hue of the amethyst

Another stunning combination is to pair rose gold with amethyst. This combination is more inclined towards the cooler side of the spectrum yet never fails to mark your impression. As pink and purple have been a time-tested combination, amethyst always shines with rose gold. It takes the vintage appeal of the ring to new heights and can even take you to your dream fairytale world.

Gentle aquamarine

Contrary to all other bold and contrasting gemstones, aquamarine harmonizes with the gentle and subtle hue of rose gold. The calming charm of the gemstone reflects its aquatic quality and fuses with the metal to create an amazing look overall. It is highly preferred by couples who love a subtle way of expression.

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