Companies have to constantly make changes to increase efficiency and remain competitive in their respective industries. Today, businesses with fleets are resorting to fleet management technology to boost productivity.

But what is fleet management? It entails managing a company’s vehicles to ensure they are used properly and drivers are safe. Fleet management can be a tedious process if you do not have the right tools. If not managed well, your fleet will cause more harm than good. For instance, you will end up spending more on fuel and maintenance.

According to a study, the global smart fleet management market was worth $525 billion in 2019 and is expected to hit $900 billion by 2026.

How Fleet Management Technology Can Help Improve Your Organization’s Everyday Operations

A good fleet management system plays an important role in improving the efficiency of operations. Here are its main benefits:

1.  You Can Monitor Your Entire Fleet on One Screen

With a fleet management tool, you never have to spend hours on calls to find out where your commercial vehicles are. You get information on the locations of all your vehicles on one screen.

Besides getting a real-time position of your vehicles on the field, you will also receive automatic alerts such as low battery alerts, towing alerts, and departures from designated zones. In addition to that, the fleet manager has access to reports like activity milestones and mileage. Cellutrak Fleet Management software allows you to enjoy all these awesome features.

2. Monitor Driver Behaviour, Reduce Costs, and Boost Vehicle Performance

Monitoring driving habits on the field is one of the main functions of fleet management systems. We all know that overspeeding is one of the leading causes of accidents. Fleet managers receive instant notifications when a driver hard brakes or overspeeds. Most drivers will avoid bad driving habits if they know that someone monitors their behaviour on the road. The Argus gps fleet tracking companies will benefit your fleet, whether it has one vehicle or thousands.

Fuel consumption is another area that companies need to keep an eye on. Since fuel prices are constantly changing, companies need to reduce the amount of fuel each vehicle uses. For example, engine idling usually leads to fuel wastage. Managers can track idling times and let drivers know why it’s bad for business. Also, knowing the fuel consumption for specific distances can help a company find the best ways to decrease fuel usage.

3. Monitor the Safety and Performance of Vehicles on the Field

Improving a vehicle’s performance is a great way to improve productivity. A fleet management software enables one to monitor the engine, miles covered, breakdowns, emergency repairs, and tows. This way, a company can develop maintenance schedules for vehicles and solve mechanical issues early enough.

4. Establish Employee Accountability Through Task Tracking App

Keeping employees accountable is one method companies can use to boost productivity.  A task tracking app enables managers to stay updated on the progress of employees’ tasks. For instance, dispatchers get notifications when an employee achieves milestones. This could be something like a driver reaching a set destination.

5. Eliminate or At Least Minimise Employee Fraud

Before fleet management technology, some employees would engage in fraudulent activities. In most cases, supervisors wouldn’t notice. GPS tracking allows you to track all the vehicles’ movements from anywhere. If a car goes beyond a geofence, for example, the supervisor gets a notification and contacts the specific driver.

GPS tracking also enables you to know the exact location of equipment at any given time. In addition, you will be able to keep a check on employee activity during work hours. This way, it will be easy to catch dishonest workers.

Proper management of a company’s fleet increases operational efficiency, boosting productivity. Thus, Businesses with fleets stand to gain a lot from fleet management technology. Cellutrak Fleet Management Software will help you solve your fleet management issues.

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