Glass and mirror is one of the most common materials which you can find in any room no matter if it is a bathroom, bedroom or an office room. As a most commonly used building material glass is used for Windows, doors and even stair footsteps. You can find it as a glass Blaster around the patio deck area or as a fencing barrier around the pool. This article we will discuss five most commonly used glass items which you can find in any home.

Glass shower doors

In these days shower doors are very common. It is very difficult to find a bathroom without the shower door these days. Even the smallest size bathrooms use glass panels to separate the shower area from the toilet. Shower doors are available in different styles like clear glass shower doors, frosted glass shower doors, gridded shower doors and even custom made shower enclosures. Shower doors are mainly divided on the basis of their structure. Corner shower doors, wall to wall shower doors and shower screens are most common. You can also find shower handles and other hardware in different colors and styles. As far as the glass of shower door is concerned it should be tempered at the minimum thickness should be above 8 mm.

Glass Windows

Although glass windows are not a part of furniture items however it is still an important component of any room which consist of glass panels. If the window has an outdoor opening then people prefer to use insulated glass to make a room temperature resistant. Insulated glass helps to reduce transfer of temperature from inside to outside and vice versa. This makes a room hotter in the cold season and cooled in the summer season. However if the window is opening inside the home then simple toughened glass is used for window glass panels.

Glass tables

You can find glass tables in every room. Glass tables are more common in offices and as a dining table in the kitchen. Glass table tops are also used on wooden table surfaces to protect from liquids and scratches. You can find tables with glass tops in different styles which may include a simple clear tempered glass, sandblasted glass with a blurry look or a printed glass. Some of the glass manufacturers in the market also offer custom printing on glass table tops to give it a customized look. Such custom printed table tops are most common in hotels where Hotel owners print their logos on their table tops to give a branded look to their environment. You can also find a tinted glass in different color schemes to match with the base of the table. Another trending style in table tops is painted glass which comes in thousands of colors. This glass is made with simple clear glass painted on one side. You can get a printed glass in any color scheme you want to match with your interiors.

Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirrors are another most commonly used item in any home made by glass. You can find it at every bathroom, bedroom or even home entrances. Led Mirrors are the most common and trending styles in wall Mirrors. The wall Mirrors come with LED installed at the back side of it. This LED light not only improves the look of the mirror but also brightens the view of the mirror for a better reflection. You can find wall Mirrors in any styles, shapes and sizes. The most unique styles in wall mirrors are antique mirror, bronze mirror and gray tinted mirror.

Glass shelves

Nowadays glass shelves are very common especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Glass shelves are a perfect option to display your crockery in the kitchen. Glass shelves are very easy to install and replace which makes it very popular. You can find thousands of hardware styles for your glass shelf. Many glass styles are also available to be used for your glass shelf which include frosted glass, clear or tinted glass etc. As far as the glass thickness for the glass shelf is concerned it depends on the size of shelf and the load it is bearing.

These were the few most commonly used items made by glass which are available at every home. However glass is so popular and has thousands of other uses which we cannot cover all in this list.

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