5 Motorcycle Techniques To Get Around Corners More Efficiently

Motorcycle Techniques To Get Around Corners

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience. After all, there’s nothing quite like feeling ultimate freedom on the road with the wind on your knees and the sun on your face. Making the most of the experience means mastering different riding techniques, though. One aspect all riders need to get the hang of is smoothly and efficiently getting around corners and tight curves. Take a look at the following effective techniques for dominating corners on a motorcycle.

Shifting Your Weight

As the experts at honda motorcycles colorado can tell you, properly shifting your body weight is one of the most important methods for smooth cornering. On a motorcycle, you probably instinctively lean into curves. That’s a good start, but it’s only part of the process. Be sure to keep your upper body relaxed when going into a turn, and avoid locking your elbows or using the handlebars for shifting your weight. Place the balls of your toes on the footpegs, and grip the gas tank a bit with your knees and thighs as you lean the bike and your body into a curve.

Turn Right to Go Left and Vice Versa

You may have heard of turning left to go right and vice versa. It’s a common technique in racing, motocross, and everyday riding. No doubt, every instinct within you wants to do just the opposite out of sheer common sense, but it actually works. When you push the handlebars slightly in the contrasting direction of where you want to go, it can make going in the right direction faster and smoother. Slightly is the operative word here, though. If you take this method to extremes, you’re likely to end up kissing the road.

Effective Throttle Control

Effectively controlling the throttle in turns is also crucial. As you enter a turn, slowly let off the throttle. This transfers a certain amount of weight to the front wheel for extra traction and stability. Around the middle of the corner, you can start throttling up again. Handling this technique smoothly and gradually is the key to success because rough, jerky motions can cause you to crash. Developing gracefulness here takes a great deal of practice, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Trail Braking

Trail braking entails gently applying the brakes while leaning into a sharp turn. It helps with stability and adjusting your speed without sacrificing balance or control. Start braking while you’re upright, and slowly release the brakes as you shift your weight and lean into a turn. As is the case with the previous measure, though, it should be done slowly, lightly, and smoothly. Otherwise, you could lose control of the bike.

Think Ahead

Finally, be sure to think ahead throughout the cornering process. Picture where you want to be without losing sight of where you are. Look ahead toward the end of the curve. Your body and the bike will naturally follow your gaze, giving you an upper hand for more efficient cornering.

Mastering Cornering on a Motorcycle

Efficient cornering on a motorcycle is not only a skill but an art form. Practice is essential here, but it should be done in areas you’re familiar with. Ideally, you should practice in areas with few hazards and as little traffic as possible. Eventually, these techniques will become second nature, and you’ll be able to safely navigate tight turns will grace and precision.

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