Top 7 Mistakes People Make During Their Driving Test

For over half of UK driving students, driving tests can be challenging to pass for the first time. Many people often make mistakes that end up in a failure and having to redo the test. If you didn’t pass your driving test for the first time then don’t worry, around a whopping 50% of UK drivers didn’t either! With nerves and a tone of information to remember at once, getting behind the wheel during your driving test leaves a lot of room for errors.

Below are some of the most common mistakes that driving schools see.

1. Observational errors

One of the most common mistakes people make during their driving test is a series of observational errors. Situations like failing to check your mirrors and blindspots, as well as signalling properly when changing lanes or merging can result in a minor. Too many minors can result in failure. When these observational errors add up, it can be quite detrimental to your overall test score.

2. Incorrect control use

Another mistake people tend to make during their driving test is making errors in the way they use the car’s controls. Things such as incorrectly using the gears, clutch, brakes can lead to jerky movements. Incorrect use of the clutch can also lead to stalling, which is not what you want during your driving test!

3. Speeding

One of the most common ways individuals fail their driving tests is through speeding. Going over the speed limit during your test or failing to adjust your speed in school zones and adverse weather conditions (where applicable) can result in a failure. It’s important to also monitor your speed and adjust it where necessary. Keeping an eye on your speed is crucial when it comes to taking your driving test, you don’t want to make the mistake of accidentally speeding.

4. Poor positioning

One mistake to avoid during your driving test is poor positioning. You should ensure that you maintain the correct lane position, especially during turns and roundabouts. You should also be aware of your positioning when approaching junctions too.

5. Failure to signal

Forgetting to signal when changing lanes, turning, or exiting a  roundabout is another common mistake that many people make during their driving tests. You should also remember to use your indicator when necessary, as forgetting to do so can confuse others and may result in a minor.

6. Failing to respond to road signs

Another thing to remember during your driving test is to pay attention to road signs and respond accordingly. One of the common mistakes to make when driving is misinterpreting or ignoring road signs and markings, which can be detrimental to your overall score.

7. Poor control of the car

Struggling to maintain a steady speed within the speed limit, not braking smoothly, and struggling to stay within the lane demonstrate poor control of the car you’re driving. This can be detrimental to your score as it contributes to unsafe driving.

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