If you’ve recently moved to a new house or are in the process of moving out from your parent’s place, you must be stuck in a rut trying to figure out what things you need there. This article was written for you!

Moving is a hassle in itself – add in the sense of feeling lost and you become a total mess. During the process of moving, we often tend to forget very important things because they might feel unnecessary or irrelevant at the moment which is one of the reasons we thought it would be beneficial if we list down the things you NEED to have in a new house for your benefit along with your style.

Let’s start this with the basic necessities, now these may seem like something you will not forget but just in case!

1. Crockery.

We know this seems like something you could not forget – at all, but trust us, you will. Crockery sounds like such an important part of a household but is often neglected. Which is why the first thing to cross off your check-list is getting a new set of crockery which includes two types of items. One set that includes party use and the other that is everyday use. This will help you keep track of your items and the placement of those items.

We don’t want you eating in a take-out box!

2. Curtains.

We all love light and a well-lit room, but having some really nice curtains over every window of your house is a NECESSITY. It may seem like it isn’t one but it really is. A curtain can change the whole look of your room which is why it is so important to pick one that goes well with your furniture along with your carpet/flooring. Find a suitable curtain but also look for combination colors that will make your room pop. 

Do NOT forget to get shower curtains, no one likes a splatter!

3. Décor and ART!

Now, this is THE most important part of moving. The walls of your house will be something that’s going to make you feel at home. So getting a normal, boring wall will not do it for your brand new house. 

One of our most recent discoveries is a Diamond Painting, the concept of a diamond painting or diamond art is to either do it yourself at home using diamond painting kits available online or to get hand-made ones readily available in the market or online. Diamond painting is an art that’s recently gained popularity – with good reason. A diamond painting is made out of tiny jewels and rhinestones that give your room a whole new look. We recommend putting up a diamond painting in your room to not only brighten but make your room trendier than any other room.

We all love a sparkle!

4. Photo Frames!

We know this does not seem like a necessity but it is! Having photo frames around a new place will make you feel safe and at home which is why we recommend you start taking photos of your loved ones and all the things you love. Not only does this remind you of them, but it also makes you feel more at home.

Everyone needs a little while to settle into a new place and doing it alone might not feel as good which is why it is important to keep things from the past with you. Photo Frames are easily available at any store.

The cheapest way to reminisce. 

5. Light Saving Bulbs!

In all this excitement of a new house, you might forget to buy lights. Light saving bulbs are actually your savior in a new place where you are unsure of the electricity bill along with think of how much you’ll be saving simply by replacing a source of light with another.

We all love a spender but saving ensures a safer future. 

These are the five things we thought were important to remember while moving. Don’t forget to enjoy the time you spend during packing and settling into your new home!

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