Getting a nose job might not be something you want that’s high on your list, but so many people disregard the operation of Rhinoplasty as some plastic surgery way to make yourself look better, when in fact, it’s so much more than that. Whether you’re born with a nasal deformity or suffer in an accident, sometimes rhinoplasty may be your only option.

Whether you’re improving your breathing, your sense of smell, or just getting your confidence up and boosting your self-esteem, rhinoplasty could be the option. To see if this suits you, today, we’re going to explore five nasal deformities that rhinoplasty can help.

Nasal Width

If you’re dealing with a wider nose than average, whether this has been the case since birth or via an accident, then you can reshape your nose with rhinoplasty and help. Through the operation, you’d receive the surgery that will adjust the proportions of your nose, ensuring it’s not as wide as your bridge, all by reducing the base of the nose. This is a simple operation that isn’t too expensive in most places.

Post-Traumatic Deformities

Whenever you have a traumatic incident that affects your nose, it will fall under this category. It is never a birthing defect or a genetic problem, but something that has occurred to you throughout life and could either be aesthetically damaging or causing you stress or other health-related problems. For example, if you’ve fallen over or experienced an impact, you may have a crooked nose, which can be set straight thanks to rhinoplasty surgery.

Nasal Airway Problems

There are so many ways in which your nose can be blocked, and you’ll find it hard to breathe, but they are always anomalies that you shouldn’t have to live with. Instead, rhinoplasty doctors can individually look into your personal situation and provide a solution, bespoke to you, that can help get your nasal breathing back to where it should be.

Prominent Nasal Tip

As with all other areas of your nose, the tip of your nose should be proportionate, and if it isn’t, then rhinoplasty can help. Whether the tip feels too round or too big compared to the rest of your nose, there are procedures that can scale the nose back, so it’s less objective and prominent. The procedure is fairly common throughout the world and can be performed on cartilage or flesh.

Dorsal Hump

If you find yourself dealing with a dorsal hump on your nose, which can occur for any number of reasons, from accidents to genetics, a rhinoplasty operation can be used to reduce the size of the hump. This means altering the size and proportions of your nose but can involve nose sculpting if the hump seems to have been formed by nose cartilage rather than flesh.


This is just a collection of some of the nasal deformities that rhinoplasty can fix, so if you’re suffering from one of these problems, or you have something similar that you may want to work on getting better, then it’s definitely worth researching to see what options are out there and available to you.

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